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The contacts made by a number of Trump loyalists—including (since fired) National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, Attorney General Jeff Sessions and son-in-law Jared Kushner, during the end of the Obama Administration, were totally illegal and highly unethical!  Paul Manafort, who was fired a year ago, has pro-Russian Ukrainian ties, and is now back in the fold of close Trump confidantes.  Corey Lewandowski, also fired last summer, has returned, as well.  Where did these people go after they left, what did they do, and for whom?

There have been a number of Opinion pieces written recently, which suggested that “President Pence” was sounding better, and better; but, I definitely do not agree!  Americans do not vote for a Vice President; rather, they vote for a President, and his hand-picked VP—just comes along, as a package deal.  And, when I see: the degree to which Trump is doing the bidding of the Mega-Billionaires; he seems intent on turning our allies into enemies, and our enemies into trusted friends, I just fail to see any rationale for it.  But, little by little, Trump has been isolating America from the world, at large!

Donald Trump is our most dangerous weapon, and he’s pointed inward, toward America!    With all that is going on, as well as providing sensitive intelligence to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, and Ambassador Sergei Kislyak—a reputed spy master—I can only wonder who else in the Trump Regime is complicit in these activities?   There are just so many likely candidates!

VP Michael Pence keeps praising Trump for all of his mythical accomplishments, and forceful actions.   I can only believe that Pence’s end-game is to continue to kiss Donald’s ring, and his derriere and, in time, he might get to replace Trump in the Presidency!   Can there be any other reason why an assumably rationale man would allow himself to become so closely aligned with Donald J. Trump?  But, if last November’s Election were invalidated, we would need a brand new Election

While Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller is investigating possible Trump links with Russia, as well as other side matters, he could hire Constitutional attorneys to review whether there is a way to declare last November’s Election Null-and-Void.   A new Election could be held in, let’s say, 90-to-120 days, with the shorter time-frame decreasing any opportunity for similar collusion and interference.  It would be senseless to Impeach Trump, or accept his Resignation, and then expect the same group of people to begin working toward America’s best interest?

In the interim, an evenly weighted Senate Committee should be assigned to manage the Affairs of State, until a new election can be held to elect the President. The respective two ranking members should function as equals. Perhaps nothing much would be accomplished by the committee during that time; but then, what has Donald J. Trump really accomplished during his five months in office?

This is certainly not the first time that a President has acted more in his own, or his party’s best interest. This has been, however, the first time that a President has filled his Regime with a total Rogue’s Gallery of incompetent and disruptive people who are only loyal to him. I’ll leave it to History to properly place Bill Clinton, as it will Reagan and Bush 41 for the Iran-Contra Affair, and cover-up and, of course, Richard Nixon and Watergate.

Even if my plea falls on deaf ears, and nothing is accomplished, I can only trust that some of the Good American People will begin, state-by-state, and district-by-district, beginning to take back America! Much of what I am concerned about today has been going on for decades—beginning with the Trickle-Down Economics Mythology, circa 1980—and it has been made much, much worse by Citizens-United.

Its time to re-insert “We the People” back into our government, and toss-out the: Corporations; the Billionaires; the Lobbyists and all of the politicians that have let it happen—over the past 37 years–on their watch!


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Coal miners , the world over, have very dangerous jobs.  Besides breathing toxic coal dust, day after day, and over long shifts, miners’ lives are also jeopardized by potential gas explosions and collapsing tunnels.  Government regulations also appear  to only loosely enforce overall workplace safety rules,  as encouraged by coal industry lobbyists.

According “…to an investigation by NPR and the Center for Public Integrity, federal regulators and the mining industry are failing to protect miners from the excessive toxic coal mine dust, which has toxic effects on miners’ health.   That deadly “Black Lung” Disease is now being diagnosed in younger miners, and evolving more quickly into complicated stages.”

Given the irreversible effects of Black Lung,  why don’t the men (and some women) in the region just change careers?   There are other, safer jobs, such as in carpentry, auto repair, welding, etc.  And why aren’t the younger generations, aware of the dirty, hard work, and the dangerous conditions, discouraged from following their fathers and other relatives down into the mines?  Unfortunately, in many of the small towns, especallly in Appalachia, the mines are the economic lifeblood of the area!

When Donald Trump campaigned in Kentucky, West Virginia, and other regions in “Coal Country”, he promised to bring the jobs back.  But, are these the jobs that a rational person should want—for their husbands, their sons, their brothers, uncles, etc?  Didn’t they also hear Trump say that he would eliminate regulations so that business could prosper?  Don’t the miners realize that those regulations were intended to protect them?

Consider just two of the people who he has nominated for his Cabinet.  Wilbur Ross, a billionaire neighbor of Trump in Palm Beach, is his Commerce Secretary.  Mr. Ross amassed his fortune buying distressed businesses, laying-off workers, busting-up unions and reneging on pensions.  An article from the Miami Herald, describes Mr. Ross’ history with the Sago Mine Number One catastrophe.

Elaine Chao, Trump’s nominee for Transportation Secretary, had been George W. Bush’s Secretary of Labor.  Ken Ward, Jr, a columnist with the Charleston Gazette, reported in his “Coal Tattoo” Blog, that Ms. Chao, when she was Secretary of Labor, “ …encouraged regulators to regulate less, and she cooperated more with a highly hazardous industry, with a history of death and disaster.”

The combination of pledging support for jobs, de-regulating industry and—let’s not forget his pledge not to raise the Minimum Wage—surely doesn’t require a genius to figure out who’s going to win, between businesses and labor!  In a situation where the coal industry has deep pockets and labor unions have been virtually emasculated, is there any question as to how safe coal mining will be under {resident Trump?

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and, in fact, any month can be a good one to get screened.  Consult your Physician as to the age at which it is good to get started, and have the Mammograms and other screens repeated, when appropriate, on a regular basis.  Speak with your Mother and, perhaps, her sisters to determine if there is any history of Breast or Ovarian Cancer in your Family.

I have linked a Post that I published on this Blog, back in May of 2013:  In it, there is a link to a wonderful NY Times Op-Ed that Angelina Jollie wrote.  She noted in that piece that she had both a Double Mastectomy and her Ovaries removed (in separate operations).  Her Mother had died of Breast Cancer at age 56, and Ms. Jollie had tested positive for both Cancers, with a high probability of developing one, or both.

Some Women put the tests off, because they believe that they would lose their Femininity, or their Husband or Significant Other wouldn’t find them attractive any more.  But, on the other hand, consider just how sexy you will be, when you are dead?

Like any form of bad news, whatever the problem, it might take a little while to accept it. Well, you don’t have any alternatives, do you?  But, once you get beyond the rejection period, if the test(s) is(are) positive, you will find that there are all kinds of support groups.  Breast or Ovarian Cancer doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the World.  There are many, many survivors.  Check with your doctor, hospital, Women you know or do an on-line search.

I recently met someone I know, who had been diagnosed with an advanced stage of Lung Cancer, about four months ago.  Yes, a different form of Cancer; but, the bald heads on beautiful Women all look great, don’t they?  When I saw her, her hair was maybe one-third of an inch long. She said that she had thought of wearing a wig; but, she realized that she really didn’t want to hide it.  She had a great outlook.  That was who she was!

If she were a Black Woman, rather than White, it would have just looked like a common style that I have seen a number of times on African-American Women.  I told her that she looked great and that her Inner Beauty was just radiating through.  I also reminded her of the tall, bald super-model from Africa who was discovered some years ago, and several beautiful, bald female actresses in the TV series, “StarTrek-the Next Generation”.

It’s very important that Men encourage the Women in their Lives to get tested and, if there is a potential for Breast or Ovarian Cancer, to be very supportive, every step of the way.  In her Op-Ed, Ms. Jollie wrote that she truly appreciates the support and encouragement that her (now) Husband, Brad Pitt, gave her throughout the ordeal–and still does.  Remember that, whatever the relationship, you must be there for the Women in your life–pre-op, post-op and thereafter.  And be sure to tell them how great they look.  Remember:  they would do the same for you; because, Men CAN and DO get Breast Cancer!

And now, for something on the lighter side, check the “selfie” in this short video, from the Nestlé Fitness YouTube page with the hashtag “CheckYourSelfie.”:–promotes-breast-cancer-awareness-194524149.html.  This video serves as a great reminder that it all starts with your own self-examination.




The political pundits–on both sides–seem to have been talking about “BridgeGate” for months; however, it’s only been a week since it went viral.  You know the routine: someone had the bright idea to order a “traffic study” on an access road, in Ft. Lee, N. J., closing three of the four lanes onto the George Washington Bridge–which is the busiest bridge in the World.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has spent hours arguing that he knew nothing about the blockage, which caused gridlock in Ft. Lee for four days.  That tie-up also caused considerable delays to travelers from many other New Jersey communities, trying either to get to work or traveling for Interstate Commerce.

There many other questions that have yet to be addressed:

1.  This debacle blocked Inter-State Commerce, which is a major offense.  Also, since there are two ends to a bridge, was no one in New York in touch with their counterparts in New Jersey: Governor’s Offices; the respective State Police Heads; the NY-NJ Port Authority, which controls the GWB; the two Mayors; etc?  No one?

2.  Governor Christie immediately fired several top aides and others resigned.  Did he find-out how, and why?  Remember that he is a former Federal Attorney.

3.  The list of New Jersey Mayors who claim that their cities have potentially been effected negatively by the Christie Administration has grown.  Will others come forward?

4.  One or more Mayors of New Jersey cities have been contacted by Federal Officials regarding their claims that relief funds were either denied or delayed after Hurricane Sandy.  It is unclear as to whether those incidents referred to State or Federal funds.  Separately, there have been claims that many New Jersey Business and Home Owners still haven’t received relief aid, from the September 2012 “Super-Storm”.

5.  Federal Agents are also investigating claims that Governor Christie’s Re-Election Campaign diverted Federal Sandy Relief Aid to his Campaign, one which he was expected to win by a l;andslide–which, in fact, was the Election result.

Now all of this, at least so far, may be considered circumstantial; but, it sure is mounting up.  The New Jersey Senate and Assembly have each formed investigatory panels and, no doubt, the U. S. Congress will, as well.  Some 20 subpoenas were reportedly issued in New Jersey.

So, if you long for more Oprah interviews with Lance Armstrong, GOP testimonials about repealing Obamacare, or some other such nonsense, you’ll have to wait.  For now, Chris Christie will remain the Late Night Jab du Jour.

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