Unfortunately, as American media coverage seems to be stuck in the All-Trump, All Day mode, perhaps we may be jumping to conclusions—fearing that long advertised Nuclear War?  That’s the problem with escalating emotions: rational thought can be overlooked. Perhaps,  Kim Jong-Un, however, might be the saner man!

North Korea did not boast that it would actually target Guam, nor was a nuclear missile threatened!  According to CNN, “North Korean plan(s) to fire four missiles near the US Pacific territory of Guam.” It might just be verifying its range capability, are there are still questions about the veracity of its warhead miniaturization efforts!  Consider the North’s past missile launches.

On prior occasions, launches have been mostly into the Sea of Japan, between the Korean Peninsula and Japan.  Following the most recent launch, Japan said thai it might have landed in it’s waters.  Territorial infringement aside; however, North Korea hasn’t hit anything, as yet!  Does Kim expect to do so with Guam?  Maybe, maybe not!   Also, let’s not overlook the North’s recent release of a Canadian prisoner as, perhaps, a sign of peace!

If Mr. Kim did target the island of Guam, North Korea would certainly be bombed, in return—perhaps even the capital of Pyongyang!  But, why would Kim risk that?  Maybe he’s just an irrational dictator, of a country that has been isolated by the World Community, and wants some recognition for assumedly joining the Nuclear Arms Club!

Let’s suppose, for a moment, that Kim Jong-Un did intend to launch a nuclear missile, and that he realizes that the overwhelming retaliation would annihilate his nation.  Why wouldn’t he strike San Francisco, Seattle or, perhaps, Honolulu, instead of Guam?

If Trump ramps-up our Nuclear Arsenal, as he has suggested, what does he think China and Russia will be doing?   In the end, Donald seems to be brandishing his childish image of a Tough Guy, as he looks for more and more places to send young Americans “In(to) Harm’s Way!”  But this time, he might be endangering the entire World!

NOTE:  The U. S. is already bombing insurgents in southwest Philippines, and today he also threatened military attack on Venezuela.



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  1. #1 by Doug (FPS/ on August 12, 2017 - 12:21 AM

    Yes… this is ALL about Trump. It’s great to have a real estate businessman threaten Third World countries with military intervention! In “God” We Trust?

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