Recently, we have seen several female Republican members of the Senate who have had the temerity to voice their opposition to the assumed President as they had voted against his dishonest Health Care Agenda.  Senator Lisa Murkowski, of Alaska, faced-down explicit, and public threats of retribution by Trump against the People of Alaska.  To me, that smacks of Senate-tampering!

Of the 52 Republican members in the Senate, only six (or 11.5%) are female.  The ladies are better-represented within the Democratic Party; however, with 15 (or 34.8%) of the 46 Senators.  But either way, since women represent 52% of our society, even the 21 ladies of the Senate seems hardly proportional.

Since the earliest hominids roamed the earth, several million years ago, there had been a division of responsibility:  Males were the hunters and defenders of the home fires, while the Females gathered edibles, and bore and nurtured the young.  Although times have changed over the millennia, females have largely retained the advantages of the more social and caring gender.

Senators Murkowski and Susan Collins, of Maine, recently spoke-out, after they joined with Senator John McCain, of Arizona, to vote-down their party’s latest iteration of a Bad Deal, the “Skinny” Healthcare Plan.  The ladies specifically cited that many of their constituents would be among the tens of millions of Americans who would lose health care.  Additionally, it would have de-fund the Planned Parenthood Association.

Planned Parenthood is a nationwide non-profit health care provider, which mostly treats females, and it is often one of the few full-service health care facilities that care for the poor, by accepting Medicaid.  The small group of Republicans who had been writing the various health care scams, while meeting in secret, were all men.  When I heard these men pooh-poohing the importance of contraceptives and mammograms, I could only wonder, if we flipped the script, what they would feel if viagra and prostate exams were eliminated. So, what’ll it be, boys?


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