Why does the Trump Regime continue to engage in unwinnable regional conflicts—squandering military lives and our Treasury—while the number of nuclear-armed rogues might double?  Afghanistan, Iraq and, now, Syria, had never threatened America, or our allies.  And after 15 years, we’re still wandering in the desert!  Doing what?  Why?

With nuclear-powered North Korea expected to have a missile delivery system, capable of reaching the Continental United States next year, the Regime’s primary focus is obviously elsewhere.  Just think of how many Twin Towers might just one North Korean Hwasong-14 detonation eradicate, in terms of American lives?

And so far, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who led Exxon-Mobil until just eight months ago, has been Trump’s lead in confronting Kim Jong-Un.  Now, why would such a bellicose action be left to Tillerson—a mere three months removed from the Oil Patch–when he threatened a pre-emptive attack, last March—rather than James Mattis, Secretary of Defense, and a retired Marine Corp General, or (active) Lieutenant General H. R. McMaster, the National Security Advisor?

Would anyone question that the best time to stop a fire is before it starts?  On a much, much higher level, numerous Governments in many nations, have failed to recognize the growing danger of a nuclear-empowered North Korea.  And yet, that flame has been permitted to smolder—and then grow.  And, both North Korea and the bomb are controlled by an irrational 33 year-old.

Someone asked me recently, where does North Korea get its missiles and weapons materials from?  It has no industry, little agriculture in a starving society, no oil or other resources to export.  Who is its supplier? What country might benefit from a nuclear-armed North Korea?  Intercontinental missile technology is not a widely available asset!

Donald Trump’s potential relationship with Russia, and its President Vladimir Putin specifically, has morphed from interest, to fascination, to concern and now, possibly to horror!  All along, as Russia’s DNA has seemed to loom larger, and larger, in the Trump-o-sphere, Donald Trump has never once referred to Putin or Russia as behaving in an undesirable or menacing manner.

Russia, like China, generally doesn’t engage in local regional wars.  It learned that in Afghanistan, during the 1980s, similar to our comeuppance in Vietnam.  In essence, technological firepower is meaningless against guerrillas, equipped only with a rifle, a donkey and a cause.  Then why did Russia venture into Syria, several years back?

Russia is a large, but mostly land-locked nation, which has always coveted a sea base on the Mediterranean.  By joining in the Syrian civil war, assumably because the U. S. was there, it had the cover to expand a small seaport, as well as an air base, fronting the Mediterranean in Syria.  And now, with Russia’s strategic goals met, perhaps Putin will be willing to commit to Peace Talks!

As the Trump-Russia Collusion Investigation creeps closer, and closer, to Donald Trump, he continues to create distractions, which merely show his incompetence.  Remember that, in Trump’s Budget Proposal, he slashed Tillerson’s State Department by 31%.  Is that how a sane leader would treat his go-to man on what should be the nation’s most important global security issue?

China surely is supplying neither missile technology, nor nuclear materials, to North Korea for three reasons: one, if the situation gets any worse in the North, it doesn’t want 20 million destitute people flowing across its border; two, China doesn’t want the U. S. to become its next door neighbor; and three, China seems intent on controlling its own destiny, and not squandering its resources on irrational causes.

Given the many, many distractions that Donald Trump has been creating, as part of his smokescreen to deflect the Trump-Russia Investigation, Vladimir Putin might also be engaged in a distraction of his own.  Russia has a short, eleven mile, land border with North Korea, as well as an adjacent shoreline.  Putin, the ever-generous neighbor!

Putin’s Russia might be the only nation or NGO (Non-Government Organization) with the technology, ability and possible reason to supply Kim Jong-Un’s North Korea with the required components to fire a nuclear-armed ICBM at Continental U. S.  Besides Donald Trump’s failure to focus on Korea, he continues to enable the media—and Congress—to focus on the Trump-Russia Investigation, as well as his outright incompetence.

As the Trump Administration continues to distract even itself, as to the most important global priorities, something happened recently in Pakistan, which presents another potential nuclear hot spot.  Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was ousted, on Friday, due to a corruption conviction.  Consider the scenario:  If the Pakistani military assumes control, what might come of the long-term adversarial relationship with India, the two nuclear-armed neighbors of the Sub-Continent?


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