Donald Trump has said a lot of idiotic things, taken Tweetery to a new lunacy level, and he has accomplished absolutely nothing…in five months.  Remember all of those asinine Legislative “Acts” that he was going to pass “…on Day One!”  Did Mr. Know-it-all forget that Congress takes more time off than he does—including HIS Inauguration Day?

There are two major actions that Mr. Trump should have most definitely avoided:  Repeal and Replace “Obamacare,” and to slash the State Department Budget by 31%.

Just like any comprehensive bill, such as the (real name) Affordable (Health) Care Act, modifications should be made from time to time, just like what was done after Medicare, was first rolled-out!  Deep down inside, the real reason for eliminating ACA—and why Donald has disrupted it’s functioning—is to replace the huge tax cuts, assessed to the Top Two Percent of Taxpayers, which were lost when the Bush Tax Cuts expired.

And slashing the State Department Budget is reprehensible; because, those 170 State Department Embassies, Consulates and other installations, around-the-world, are the face of of the United States to many foreigners.  Those offices are used for many other purposes, besides diplomacy: Trade and Agricultural Officers work out of them, foreigners apply for Visas there, and its where Americans go when they encounter problems in other countries. Besides, USAID and other social agencies provide excellent assistance, from those offices, directly to rural villages and groups that need it.

In the case of both eliminating ACA and slashing the State Budget, there is no responsible reason, whatsoever, for Donald Trump to do so.  But, after analyzing these ideas, I definitely see a relationship.  Let me highlight each:

1.   Mr. Trump resents the fact that Affordable Health Care isn’t focused around him.  Even though Republicans have called for some form of Health Care for All, going all the way back to Richard M. Nixon, and perhaps even earlier, the GOP just never seemed to have followed through in legislating it!  Also, Trump is displaying his racism through his intention to eradicate the signature accomplishment of Barack Obama, our First Black President.

2. Additionally, Donald doesn’t seem capable of letting go of his hatred for former Secretary of State Hillary R. Clinton.  When it came to “dirty tricks”, Trumpie was far and away, the all-time champion, and definitely not the victim, during the campaign!  When Secretary of Defense James Mattis heard that State’s budget would be slashed, he said he was “…going to need more bullets!”  Mattis realizes that every dollar spent by State—especially in its various social programs—results in less dollars needed for Defense!

So, when Trump & Friends misrepresent why they needs to Repeal “Obamacare,” and he proposes slashing the State Department budget, the reasons are: his narcissism; racism; sexism; providing huge tax breaks to Mega-Billionaires; and slashing State’s budget to will help pay for the idiotic Wall!


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  1. #1 by Susan Iseman on June 22, 2017 - 11:01 AM

    Follow the money….

  2. #2 by CherieOK on June 22, 2017 - 1:33 PM

    Not only Secretary Mattis, but most career military officers, know that the military services are only one leg of US strength in the rest of the world. The other leg is the State Department.

    • #3 by cheekos on June 22, 2017 - 2:37 PM

      CherieOK, thanks for visiting my blog, and commenting. Yes, after Trumpet cited that budget devastation, to one of the three most Departments–State, Defense and Treasury–some 150 retired “Flag Officers” (generals and admirals) sent a letter to The Orange Blob, asking him to re-consider. A similarly large group of retired Foreign Service and National Security officers also wrote, in appeal. Trumpie has just never lost his hatred for Secretary Hillary Clinton!

      Remember that there is no War Powers Resolution, by which Congress had approved military force in Syria. When the Pentagon bombed the Syrian AFB, Defense tried to justify it as part of the Iraq resolution. Two different countries, huh?

      But now, we seem to be getting ready to commit troops–or at least formalize our commitment to use force in Syria–which means going head-to-head with Russia, as well as Iran. Is Trumpet preparing to kick-off the trans-regional Middle-East War, which George W. Bush had set-up, in 2003?

      By the way, isn’t it strange that Secretary Rex Tillerson does not seem to have appealed the 31% slashing of his State budget? No rational business executive would put-up with that, without putting-up a fight! How much TrumpAde has he had to drink?

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