Time and time again, Donald Trump has consistently, and falsely expressed his intentions:  “…to protect the American People”; the ubiquitous “Make America Great Again!”, and let’s not forget the immoral “Just trust me!”  But, when I consider anything that he has actually said or done, there is no correlation whatsoever with: protecting the average American, or benefitting them—or the Country—in any way!

Say what you will about President Obama’s signature legislation, the Affordable (Health) Care Act; but, how do you improve upon it by increasing the premiums, deleting subsidies for the poor, and withdrawing $800 billion from it, to fund Tax-Cuts for the Top Two Percent of taxpayers?  ACA has provided 24 million people with health insurance, for the first time in their lives.  If it’s not broken, why “fix” it?

Trump talks about an Infrastructure Plan, as cited in a previous post,  but where is it?  Two of his key advisors, Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross, and economist Peter Navarro, had drafted such a Plan, in late October of 2016.  It was which nothing more than a Corporate Welfare Scam.  And, just like many of Donald’s other “I’m gonna do’s!”, where is the latest and greatest version of the Infrastructure Plan?  Will it be real this time, or just another scam on the American Taxpayer?

How will de-regulating American Industry make our nation better?  Consider just some of Donald’s brainless ideas:  Eliminating workplace safety rules will cause more mining disasters, and result in a greater incidence of the “Black Lung” Disease! Repealing Obama’s Dodd-Frank legislation, which reined-in the banks after the 2008 Banking Crisis, will result in the return of horrendous economic risks again! And, Donald and his Trump Republicans really do seem hell-bent on eliminating ALL Social Safety Net Programs!

This brings me to one of Trump’s latest Tweets, suggesting that he would make a decision regarding the Paris Accords, regarding Global Warming, within a few days. Several of his “Special Advisers” have already indicated that he is leaning away from signing them.  At the end of cited Tweet, which suggested a pending decision, Donald quipped: “Making America Great Again!”  Now, how asinine is that: for one of the world’s two biggest polluters, to suggest that not signing-on will “Make America Great”—as the world smokes, and burns?

The extremely dangerous programs, which Donald Trump has been advocating, would do nothing for the Average American, except leave them: unhealthy; poor; less-educated; and alone in a world of potential world turmoil!  So, who are these people that Trump wishes to: Make Great Again?

The People who Donald would Make Great Again are the Mega-Billionaires, who already have more money than God!  They have banded together to fund Donald Trump’s “Self-Financed” (remember that pledge?) Presidential Campaign.  And now, Trumpet surely intends to pay them back—in spades!

NOTE:  Welcome to my readers in Egypt and India.


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  1. #1 by Carole S. on June 6, 2017 - 2:16 PM

    All of these
    Articles are very good. Why can’t I post them on Social Media?

    • #2 by cheekos on June 6, 2017 - 3:22 PM

      Carole, thanks for visiting my blog, and for commenting.

      I personally don’t use social media. Some people tell me that they placed a post, or two, on Facebook…and everyone “Unliked”–or was that “disliked” them, or whatever its called, right away! But, feel free to, if you wish!

      And thanks again for commenting. CHEEKOS.

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