Most Peoples of the world love their country, and don’t want to leave it!  It’s what they know, their friends and livelihood are there, and all of their memories are there.  But, when they suffer from political or religious persecution, economic insecurity, or a dangerous environment, they must do what is best for them and their families. That’s just common sense—and survival!

Last Wednesday, however, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, declared that in our dealings with other countries, we cannot expect them to adopt our values, such as Human Rights.  Without providing details, Tillerson said that diplomats would emerge from the Government’s changes with a “much more satisfying, fulfilling career.”  Hmm: Did he really say that?

Perhaps preferring to overlook how nations we deal with treat their own people, is part of the “America First!” mantra; but, I believe that it also sends a message as to Who we in America are!   Both NATO and the United Nations require that member countries govern within a democratically and humane manner; however, that might mean little more than lip service to some UN members.

Donald Trump has signed several Executive Orders, attempting to block Muslims from certain Middle Eastern nations, from entering the United States.  Each time, however, his directives had been “stayed” (blocked) by the Federal Courts, apparently for the potential religious discrimination aspects. Trying to stop, either visitors or immigrants, from entering with Visas, makes Donald appear to be even outdoing his own current deportation plans

Just to maintain his unpredictability, however, Donald Trump has extended the special EB-5 Visa, which allows anyone who can invest $500,000 in America to migrate here.  Many, especially wealthy Chinese, come here to give birth to their American Babies.  People who profit from this Visa program extol its benefits; bur, as always, it just demonstrates how money can generally open any door.

So now, let’s tie Human Rights and Immigration together.  Venezuela is a failed state; which is located just 1,350 miles south of Miami.  It is a powder keg, just waiting to blow!  Dictator/President Nicolas Maduro has jailed his political opponents, disbanded the Congress, taken over the media, nationalized much of the industry, and he totally ruined the economy.

Back in 1981, when Fidel Castro freed 121,000 Cubans to leave the Island, from Mariel, they mostly arrived in Miami, just 90 miles away.  That required them to risk treacherous seas in small boats and on unstable rafts.  Our large Cuban Diaspora took them in and, in time, they have contributed admirably to both the society and the economy.

Most of the leaders of the Organization of American States (OAS), which is composed of the nations in the Western Hemisphere, have been trying to negotiate a solution in Venezuela.  They are trying to convince Maduro to free the political prisoners, grant human rights, hold fair elections and abide by them. The United States should join in in order to provide a united OAS against Maduro.  The question is, if civil war starts in Venezuela, how many of its 33 million will Come to America?

Back before America was a nation, several groups of Christians, as it happens, arrived on our shores, seeking religious freedom, and escape from an overbearing kingdom, which taxed without giving representation.  Native Americans taught them how to survive in this new environment, France provided financing and advice as we fought to separate ourselves from the horrible tyrant and, in time, that tyrant became one of closest allies.

Mr. Trump, we are no longer that group of “tired, poor, huddled masses”; but, one of the largest, wealthiest, strongest nations on earth.  Couldn’t it possibly be in our own best interest to give the Peoples of Syria and Venezuela a helping hand?  Just think: Britain no longer rules the waves and, perhaps, we should be forward thinking. as well!

NOTE:  Greetings to all the blokes down under.


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