Throughout his Presidential Campaign, Donald Trump complained about: the Trans-Pacific Partnership; adverse trade agreements with Mexico and China; the six-nation nuclear agreement with Iran and, of course, any of President Barack Obama’s accomplishments!  He often tied the two points together: we negotiated bad deals, because we have bad negotiators.

But, can’t Mr. Trump see that he now has the best possible negotiating team, and the Negotiator-in-Chief is personally available to turn things around!  Surely the (presumed) Author of “The Art of the Deal” can bring all of his super negotiating skills to bear. 

 Keep in mind, that if we do leave the TPP—a trade pact, which consolidates the fastest-growing region on earth under one “roof”—we will be offering our seat to China.  And, President Xi Jinping will be quite pleased to replace us, and assume our leadership position,

The nuclear agreement with Iran, which was thought to be only a couple of months away from having The Bomb, has truly accomplished its very important purpose!  Tehran shipped both 95% of its plutonium and its centrifuges out of the country, in June of 2014, when the negotiations began.  So, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s worst nightmare—a nuclear-armed Iran—has not come to pass.  Psst: Israel has had an entire nuclear arsenal itself, for decades!

And lastly, remember that New World Order that Trump has been dissing—off and on—whenever it suits his purpose?  That’s the UN, NATO, the IMF, World Bank, the WTO, etc.  Guess what?  Those organizations, established after World War II, have: enhanced the global economic recovery: promoted world peace; and further led to a better functioning world.  

As Donald Trump must surely know, the best time to drive that hard bargain is when you are in a position of relative strength!  America did not suffer the double whammy, of both The Great Depression and a Major War being fought on U. S. Soil, during the 1930s and 40s.  Yes, we fought in the War, lost a lot of good men, and drained our National Treasury.  In the end, however, we were in much better shape then either the vanquished, or even the other victors.

America must retain a leadership position when aid, assistance and leadership are needed to:  reverse global climate change; provide financial, medical and manpower assistance in combating medical pandemics; and we must remain in the forefront in responding to natural disasters.  Helping people in times of distress, helps prevent future wars!  

Following any military confrontations, we must act benevolently, if we win, and be thankful if we lose.  Outrageous reparation payments should never be assessed on the vanquished.  The harsh treatment forced on Germany, by the Allies after World War I, merely laid the groundwork for an even deadlier World War II, just 20 years later.  After World War II, however, America instituted the Marshall Plan, by providing $13 billion ($130 billion in 2015 dollars) to help re-build European economies.

Donald Trump should re-consider some of his misguided ideas, and the harsh rhetoric that he has been using to attack a number of global and regional institutions.  As long as the U. S. still maintains a level of stature, Mr. Trump should reflect on another Republican President, Theodore Roosevelt, who was often associated with the phrase: “Speak softly, but carry a big stick!”

NOTE:  If anyone wonders why I was so easy, on Donald Trump, in writing this post, just read the prior post, where I had questioned whether anyone would want his hands on the key that launches the nukes.   In past posts, I have used every name in the book, in referring to Donald Trump.

I took a somewhat different approach this time.  Donald says the negotiators on the deals that he wants to replace–mostly everything–were really awful.  But now, with His Team, led by him as the Negotiator-in-Chief, I say:  Go for it!  Donald, it’s time to “Put-up, or Shut-up!”


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  1. #1 by Russell H. Manning on April 23, 2017 - 12:35 AM

    Your cogent article serves to reveal the ignorance and short-sightedness of the alleged president. He has neither the depth of knowledge nor comprehension of world affairs to fathom his implicit destruction of our democracy and our standing in the world. The ignominy of his deeds will linger long after his impeachment.

    • #2 by cheekos on April 23, 2017 - 2:25 AM

      Mr. Manning, the readers on my blog realize that I have called him literally every derogatory term that I can think of, including a jackass.

      i have told them of several interviewers, one who wrote “The Art of a Deal” for him, and both claimed that he had no books in his office, except for a few ghost-written for him, or those about him. He even boasts that he does’t read.

      He not only looks at things quite simplistically, ignores counter-suggestions, is ignorant of all complex concepts. He is too conceited to ask for advice, wouldn’t consider it if given, and doesn’t even listen to his generals. Who’s directing his National Security effort?

      He’s a draft-dodger, who must have paid for his fifth deferment–medical–but it din’t ruin his tennis game. also, he’s neurotic, psychotic, and liar.

      So…in this post, I took a different tact. I’m suggesting that, if the cited deals were so bad, because the negotiators were bad, now he’s bringing HIS team in. And, of course they’re hugely tremendous, since he is the best negotiator on the planet. So, the deals ARE wonderful, don’t discard, just use the Trump Team to save the day.

      Just scroll back, and I believe you’ll find many posts that state vehemently what an Ass Donnie-Boy is.

    • #3 by CHEEKOS on April 23, 2017 - 2:33 AM

      Just look at his comment about the French “not take it anymore!” What is “it”? I believe that that refers to more anti-Muslim hype.

      The French are currently, at least in my opinion, anxious about the politics of the election, and not necessary the terrorism, since they’ve been dealing with that since Charlie Heebdo was attacked, two years ago.,

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