Who can be certain that North Korea’s Supreme Leader, Kim Jong-Un, can restrain himself from escalating the current tension with the United States?  But then, can we trust Donald Trump to attempt a peaceful solution either?  Each man has lived his whole life in a privileged environment, is conceited, and appears to love the exhilaration of power.  Also, both have surrounded themselves with loyal Yes-Men!

Given Donald Trump’s recent outlandish attacks on Syria and Afghanistan—both of which were unconstitutional, and violations of the UN Charter—I am concerned that, he believes he’s on a roll!  A very dangerous one, at that!  China, on the other hand, has appealed to both sides to show restraint, and it has reportedly cut-off coal shipments to North Korea.  I can only believe that it is a sorry state of affairs when I can take more comfort in what Chinese President Xi Jinping might do, as compared to our own “Fearless Leader”.

The Korean Peninsula is a dangerous region, at present.  The Kim Dynasty has purposely kept anyone, but the Kim line, from leading the country.  And yet, some sort of re-unification of the Two Koreas—similar to Germany in 1990—would never work.  The Soviet Union had collapsed by then; so, the German re-unification was successful.

China doesn’t wish to assume responsibility for a failed North Korea, if it were to invade it.  Similarly, I doubt that some sort of U. S. military attack on the North would work either, since Mr. Kim just might begin firing missiles.  Also, President Xi doesn’t wish to become America’s next door neighbor, nor should we want that. either.  But, the Trump Regime doesn’t plan ahead for such contingencies.

China is North Korea’s only source of (mostly) humanitarian goods; but, it has recently stopped the shipment of coal.  Food and medicine can hardly be denied to the North Korean People.  The American deployment of a Carrier Task Force, led by the USS Carl Vincent, accompanied by three guided missile destroyers and support ships, hardly diffuses the situation—especially given Mr. Kim’s apparent instability.  So, what is the solution?

Expecting rational thoughts or actions from someone, like Supreme Leader Kim, whose very being is treated as godlike, is hard to comprehend.  He doesn’t seem to be especially concerned about his People, since they are barely given a semblance of human needs as it is.  I firmly believe that, if Kim were asked the proverbial Guns vs Butter question—the balance between Military vs Consumer needs—Mr. Kim would surely respond:  Butter?

Although I have no experience in National Security, there are several things that I would suggest:  stop the shipments of military supplies; deny North Korea access to all manufacturing equipment and supplies; and also eliminate the import of any luxury supplies, which Mr. Kim and the privileged class receive from somewhere.  And then, surround the Korean Peninsula with a U. N. flotilla, plus aircraft, including AWACS!  

The blockade armada could be deployed under a U. N. Resolution.  Besides acting as a blockade against all incoming supplies, other than humanitarian necessities.  The global armada would also eliminate any rational “Fields of Fire”, for North Korean missiles.  Lastly, have the Chinese Navy, as a North Korean Ally, take the lead, in order to provide additional buy-in from Mr. Kim.

NOTE:  Since this action would be under a U. N. Resolution, Congressional Approval of U. S. participation should be easily approved.

NOTE #2:  Welcome to my visitors from Israel and Trinidad & Tobago, and of course the U. S.

NOTE #3:   WHOOPS!  It now appears that the Carrier Task Group had not been deployed to the Sea of Japan, as the White House first announced.  Rather, it had been deployed into the Indian Ocean, for joint naval exercises with the Australian Navy.  The ships are, however, now headed in the right direction–the Korean Peninsula, some 3,500 miles away.

A more in-depth description this last Trump Regime misadventure, is provided by a NY Times article


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  1. #1 by Fate on April 29, 2017 - 7:14 AM

    Trump absolutely wants to see a war as he does not care about human lives because these people will only be killed in Asia and most of these death will be Asians. He very well knows he is dealing with a crazy dictator like himself but he does not care, still sends all these military ships to North Korea inspite of the threat. If he doesn’t provoke another lunatic, there is no major war!! As simple as that!!!

    • #2 by cheekos on April 29, 2017 - 2:49 PM

      Fate, first let me say Thanks for visiting my blog, and for commenting. If you still live near the elementary school, where you were in, let’s say, the Fourth Grade, STAY AWAY! I’m sure that your old teacher would make you “diagram,” any one of those statements.

      Don’t suggest that Donald Trump has any absolutes, except himself! Whatever he does kin mesa–North or South–is purely about him looking for ways to get more, sane mo4r attention! He cares nothing about the situation on the Peninsula. He has no Plan!

      On Thursday, Trump suggested that he might break-off the Trade Relationship with South Korea. And just above that article, in WaPo on-line, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was quoted as saying that the U. S. was ready to “Sit-Down” (Negotiate?) with North Korea.

      I would love to see SNL hold a faux b icing match between the two lunatics, wo tire bellies and bird’s nest hairdos. But, real-world, you cannot negotiate with a lunatic–neither one! Kim Jong-Un is the Supreme Leader, and Donnie-boy Trump thinks that he is.

      Tillerson and SecDef James Mattis should be in Beijing, right now, working-out a plan to move Kim aside. China doesn’t want to be the next door neighbor to a South Koee, with the U. S. ensconced in the South. And, the South surely doesn’t want to re-unie with the North, and have China as a neighbor.

      We need to have the U. N. involved–as a full partner. Perhaps, establish a group of nations to step-in, mandate that the North stop all missile and nuclear activity, have a force their to supervise it, and work-out an International Solution.

      Lastly, keep Kim andTrump out of the way!

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