By now, most people are aware that: America fired 59 Tomahawk Missiles on a Syrian airfield; that act was a violation of both the U. S. Constitution and the U. N. Charter; the Syria Air Force bombed the same city (without Sarin gas) just a few days later; the Pentagon has not suggested any sort of long-range plan in Syria; but, there have been suggestions that the U. S. is considering either placing nuclear weapons in South Korea, and/or sending a team of (assumedly) special ops to assassinate North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-Un.

In 1950, Chinese Prime Minister Zhou Enlai told several foreign diplomats that China would enter the Korean War if the U. S. crossed the 38th parallel, into North Korea.  General Douglas MacArthur, Commander of U. N. Forces—disobeyed direct orders—crossed the 38th, and continued on to the Yalu River—the Chinese Border.

The Chinese. as Zhou had said, entered the war in a big way, and the Armies of the Two Koreas, plus the U. S., have been encamped at the DMZ ever since.  Although there was considerable Signals and Human Intelligence ,reporting a very significant massing of Chinese troops at the Yalu River, Mac Arthur disregarded it—at his own Army’s peril!

During the second (I believe) Presidential Debate last fall, Donald Trump had suggested that China should just invade North Korea and be done with the irrational Kim Jong-Un.  The result from such an action, however, would force a direct confrontation between nuclear-armed China and the U. S., across the DMZ.  So, here we are, 65 years after that War, and the Chinese seem to understand the potential danger of a nuclear build-up on the Korean Peninsula.  But, why doesn’t Donald Trump get it ?

The Pentagon has deployed a Carrier Strike Force to Korea with the USS Carl Vinson, and three guided missile destroyers, all of which have been temporarily docked in Singapore.  Japan must also be included in any strategic Korean Plan, along with Taiwan, which lies off the southeast coast of China.  I believe that, if China deploys ships to the Formosa Strait, which separates Taiwan from the Mainland, Donald Trump should be very, very careful in making his next move. China proved, once before, that it does follow-through i protecting its interests!

North Korea  has an 880 mile (1,420 km.) border with China, as well as a very small one with Russia.  But, neither of the two nuclear superpowers have common borders with Syria.  Additionally, the U. S. apparently has no long-term plans for Syria.    

America does, however, have a very long, and semi-permanent, presence in South Korea.  With a total of approximately 77,000 U. S. Troops in East Asia, and roughly two-thirds of them in nearby Japan, the situation appears to be more dangerous than Donald Trump’ s first major “Adventure”, in Syria.

Unfortunately, Donald Trump can be almost as irrational as Mr. Kim, of North Korea.  So far, however, Donald has dodged a bullet in Syria, at least so far; but, I surely don’t trust him in Korea, where China will be a much more serious, and powerful, opponent!

NOTE:  Welcome to my readers in China, Taiwan and Malta!



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  1. #1 by Candice Uhlir on April 11, 2017 - 7:53 PM

    Getting interesting on the Korea Front. Reports of 150,000 chinese troops on the Border. Speculation that they are there to stem the flow of refugees should there be a war on the peninsula. Did China and the US make some sort of deal regarding NK? Reports are arriving that NK ships have returned home fully laden after China closed their ports to NK. China did stop NK coal imports last week so perhaps not a surprise. The screws are being applied to NK at levels not seen in years. Is lil’ Kim more concerned with they family dynasty surviving or is he actually going to risk combat and likely the dynasty will not survive the encounter.

    I think I mentioned a story about the US,China, SK making a deal on NK. Get rid of the NK regime (the ?? Part), allow SK to merge with the NK, and keep a 30 mile or so “mutual economic zone” under the control of SK and monitored by China with some Chinese garrison presence inside the zone. I think the next act will be the US shoots down the next NK missile test. TIme to wait and see.

    • #2 by cheekos on April 12, 2017 - 2:04 AM

      From what I understand, Candice, President Xi told his aides that he did not see any sort of a Trade Deal in the offing. I tried the few English-language sources that I have checked in the past; however, there doesn’t seem to be any confirmation of that, or a suggested combined strategy to get Supreme Leader Kim to…(what)–JUST GO AWAY!

      Something has to be done; however, I agree with China’s assumed belief that it and the U. S. should not be neighbors. And, let’s not forget Putin, in Russia. Going back to Mao and Lenin/Stalin, the two Communists giants–as well as Xi and Putin currently–have never been particularly “Friendly”.

  2. #3 by cheekos on April 11, 2017 - 11:31 PM

    Thanks, Candice, our Daily Show Reporter in Pyongyang. HA! Remember that Kim will only fight for the preservation of the Family Line, if he can do so in Geneva.

    Chinese President Xi Jinping does not want to invade North Korea, as Donald Trump suggested in, I believe, the Second Presidential Debate. And the U. S. also shouldn’t want to be China’s next door neighbor. That would never work, especially with someone as irrational as Trump.

    This current situation in Korea, at least to me, is somewhat as dangerous as the Cuban Missile Crisis, October 1962. As a high school Senior, I seriously wondered if i would be receiving my Diploma, or carrying a rifle somewhere!

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