The adventures and misadventures of Mr. Know-it-All are well known, both at home and abroad!  Donald’s outrageous personal behavior, and his emotional instability, are quite self-evident.  In other words, as Andy Borowitz recently suggested, Donald Trump is even unqualified to run an Arby’s fast-food restaurant!

Whenever I know that Donald Trump will be representing America—whether it be in a one-to-one meeting with a head-of-state, or representing our country in an International Forum—I can only wonder how he will embarrass us this time?   Donald seems quite capable of taking this personal art form, to even newer and newer heights!

Mr. Trump shamelessly exalts in the trappings of his Office; but, he shows little interest in the dedication and realities that it requires.  He constantly complains about what he inherited: the terrible economy; the awful Affordable health Care System; the War in the Middle East, etc.  None of that is true; however, in his delusional state, he appears intent on lowering our expectations.  But Donald, you shouldn’t worry.  We haven’t expected much rational thought, from the White House, ever since you took over!

With regard to Foreign Affairs, our most important geopolitical relationship is the Atlantic Alliance, established after World War II.  It is basically a Trade and Defense Pact, with Canada and most Europe nations as our partners.  Donald Trump doesn’t seem to realize its value,; however, and he appears to send out mixed signals as to whether he supports it or not.

Two weeks ago, Donald apparently flubbed an opportunity to build a relationship with German Chancellor Angela Merkel when they met at the White House.  She is the most experienced leader within the Atlantic Alliance.  According to one of her aides, Mr. Trump was: ill-prepared, disengaged; and his only contribution to the discussion was to claim that Germany owed the U. S. for under-funding its Defense needs.  At the following joint press conference, Donald Trump was surely, rude, and he even refused the traditional handshake.

A couple of months ago, at a joint press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Trump complained about last November’s Election, and then he praised Michael Flynn, the National Security Advisor, whom he just fired.  And then yesterday, during a joint press conference with King Abdullah of Jordon, he once again blamed President Barack Obama for the apparent use of Sarin gas in Syria.

Trump has a reputation for being a schoolyard bully: claiming credit for events that he had no part in; shifting blame, rather than acknowledging his own guilt; and blatantly and endlessly attacking the less powerful.  He even seems to have no qualms about publicly washing his own dirty linen—complaining, whining and boorish behavior—in front of other world leaders.  Donald, that’s not Leadership: that’s merely irrational behavior!

NOTE: Welcome to my readers from Qatar.


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