In the great Cold War Era movie, “The Hunt for Red October”, the submarine Captain (Sean Connery) needed two keys to fire a torpedo—his own, plus the one in the Political Officer’s possession.  Soviet government units, including submarines at sea, had a (Communist Party) political officer to insure the loyalty of the Commander.  Has a similar role been devised within the Trump Regime?

According to an article in The Washington Post, Cabinet Officers and Key Agency Administrators, have such an “eyes and ears” of the White House:  political appointees, installed by the White House, who are charged with supervising the Secretaries’ loyalty, according to sources.  That might explain why most department heads have not been able to choose their own Deputies, and few are in place.   And thus, many key staff positions are vacant.

When I think of any President’s Cabinet, I have always considered the very most important positions, by far, to be the Secretaries of State, Defense and Treasury.  Mr. Mattis, a retired four-star Marine General, had been confirmed and sworn-in on January 20, the day of Trump’s Inauguration.  Wouldn’t a former general, who undoubtedly understands the operation of the Pentagon, have been expected to have Deputies confirmed by now?

As I pointed-out in my last post, I am concerned as to who Donald Trump has handed-off the responsibility of solving a situation, which is arguably the most dangerous one that confronts the world today!  That is the situation with nuclear-empowered North Korea, which could set-up a potential face-off, tween China and the U. S.  Besides SecDef Mattis, National Security Advisor R. C. McMaster, a current Army General, remains silent.  And Secretary of State Rex Tellerson’s suggestion that the U. S. might make a pre-emptive attack—virtually on China’s door step—is downright scary!

Now, the Regime has suggested that the political appointees might have had heightened authority due to a lack of a complete Leadership Team in the respective departments.  That sounds somewhat disingenuous, when you consider a retired general not having deputies in place, at the Pentagon, or Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao, a former Secretary of Labor, not being adequately staffed, as well!  The Departments are short-staffed on purpose!

Donald Trump appears to be running the United States via a Shadow Government, of powerful people, who report directly through a hidden mass of tentacles to his loyal assistants.  The Trump shadow government appears to be run via a coterie of apparatchiks, who carry the title of “Senior Advisor”.  Does that title sound familiar?

What is Donald Trump tying to hide by operating two governments: a visible one, that has been going through the usual vetting process of Congressional Confirmation; and a shadow government, which remains out of sight, unconfirmed or vetted by Congress; but, which conceivably holds the ultimate power?   Former Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama did not have such a dual operation.  Why does a political novice, like Trump?  And, who is the ultimate Puppet-Master?

Again, going back to the Defense Department, during a potentially dangerous situation of the highest magnitude, Trump apparently has not seriously consulted with his NSA McMaster or SecDef Mattis.  Also, since Tellerson is apparently lost in Defense matters, who is truly in Command, when it comes to matters of National Security?  Adding to the mystery: why was Trump’s Senior Political Strategist, Steve Bannon, appointed to the National Security Council?

As far as I m concerned–and as I connect the obvious dots–the man who does, in fact, control the National Security Apparatus also runs Trump’s Shadow Government.   Can there be any question as to who really is in charge?   Just consider which of Donald Trump’s close loyalists has always seemed to lurk in the shadows:  Steve Bannon!

NOTE:  Today, June 8, Steve Bannon had been lying low; however, he does occasionally appear in public; so, I wonder if he has remained relatively invisible while he concentrates on his Alternate Duties..  And perhaps, now its Jared Kushner’s turn to lay low for awhile.

  1. #1 by Candice Uhlir on March 20, 2017 - 8:20 PM

    Cheekos……the puppet master thought came to me when it became obvious that “Dolt-45” responds via twitter or some other channel to something he saw/heard/hallucinated on cable news. Case in point..Obama and wiretapping. The alt-right is astute enough to see that if they pluck a string the puppet will react. I agree with you that Mr. Bannon is sufficiently machiavellian to put in place the political comissars required to enforce discipline. However all this says is that “Dolt-45” is able to be manipulated just as he claims to be able to manipulate. The real threat to the republic is that “Dolt-45” appears to be ignorant that he is being manipulated. This goes directly to ego and deficiency of character. There is a reason why he lost the NYC area popular vote by 9 to 1. They know him, they live with him, and they realize what a clueless undisciplined con-man he is. As the pressure on “Dolt-45” mounts this is only going to get worse.

  2. #2 by cheekos on March 20, 2017 - 9:35 PM

    Candice, having been a financial advisor, I can well understand that, in fact, salesmen can be the biggest suckers for a snake-oil pitch. And Donnie, he tries to embellish his own sales pitch; but, he doesn’t realize that his product–HIMSELF–is just a lost cause.

    Michael Bloomberg said: Trumpet is a “Real Con”! Unfortunately, like the old book, “What’s the matter with Kansas?”, he had found enough people to vote against their best interest. But, guess what folks: “This isn’t Kansas anymore–or OZ!

  3. #3 by Gianni Cerma on July 21, 2017 - 3:43 AM

    I wonder how this great democracy get derailed this badly. How Americans, (i’m talking about trump supporters) cam be deceived at this level on the era of internet and abundance of information.
    I continue to have a fierce debate with a very close friend of mine about this. He said that people in this country finally woke up and they would get elected anybody but somebody from establishment.
    Trump happened to be there. Is it so bad the situation, is it so bad the mistrust in politicians, that we bring in highest office a novice that is miserably failing in any direction? He may have a point but I am still not convinced. This is the greatest place on earth to work and live. It must find the resources to cure itself from the bad weeds.I am sure it will.
    Great blog. Keep up the the good work

    • #4 by cheekos on July 21, 2017 - 4:25 AM

      Gianni, thanks very much for visiting, and for commenting.

      I believe that when people attempt to discuss who won, why, and in some cases it get’s into a “We won, You lost!” shouting match. But to me, such conversations truly miss the issues. What attracted a usual non-voter to vote this time, or the disgusted regular voters to sit it out might never be determined. Was it the never seen before, or never again Third Party folks to take votes away, based on narrow-issue platforms. What has Trump done for the Pot Smokers or the Environmentalists? Not a damn thing, but the votes they took out of the mainstream–AS IS THEIR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT–might have cost the closest sympathizer to their votes the Election.

      I believe that it is the digital age–Internet, iPhones, social media, etc,–because Americans, and many people globally, get their “News” in two-minute sports. They don’t understand the policy issues and, frankly, neither does Donald Trump! When I try to poke holes in Trumps parade, I get comments and a lot of viewers. But, when I try to explain Taxation, Infrastructure, School Choice, the insanity of Tillerson warning North Korea about a pre-emptive attack–rather than Mattis or McMaster–there are few comments, if any, and readership is down.

      If someone cares to go back two years, to when Trump first announced, you will find blog post, after, post about his warts, inconsistencies, non-reader, prefers loyalty over competence, etc. I have even tried to enable you to view Trumpet between the lines, such as why three generals in the Cabinet signals that he is probably distancing himself from the Joint Chiefs of Staff, rather than encouraging more communication with them.

  4. #5 by cheekos on October 24, 2017 - 12:03 PM

    As I write this, Steve Bannon–sweetheart of the Alt-Right, and the rest of the Trump’s White Supremacist Base–seems to have declared war on the Republican Establishment. While he works toward the unseat Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, an off-and on ally/enemy of Trump, Bannon seems to have retained a close personal relationshp with Trump. Thus, Steve Bannon may still be pulling the strings; but, from back in The Shadows again.

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