As I watched his Campaign Rally, this afternoon, from Melbourne, Florida, I can only say that Donald J. Trump has, indeed, gone stark raving Mad!  Yes, that’s right—he’s campaigning for President, and continuing to spew divisiveness!  Just the fact that someone, who has only been in office for one month, and has demonstrated quite clearly that he is incompetent, and in way over his head, is already out campaigning for “Four More Years!”

This has got to be initiated within the Republican Party, as I suggested in a recent post, because they control both Houses of Congress.  Congress is the Branch of Government, which is authorized to oversea the President and, frankly, Trump and his entire staff need to go!  Donald Trump, who apparently has never encountered discipline or oversight, has been acting as if he is above the Law, as well as the Constitution.  And anyone who has stood by, enabling such behavior, is complicit in the danger that he represents for America.

Several days ago, while holding a joint press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Donald Trump not only made derogatory comments about an election that was more than three months past; but, he also defended the National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn, who he had only fired a couple of days before.  Also, rumors abound that, at least one of Flynn’s former deputies, from when he was fired by the Army in 2014, might still be working on the National Security Council Staff.

Our allies and trading partners, around-the-world, seem to be planning for a period in which America is no longer a close friend.  He offended Australia, one of our closest allies, both in the Pacific and the Middle East, when he made an offensive, and rude, telephone call to Prime Minister Turnbull.  He failed to comprehend America’s long-time One-China Policy, when he called the President of Taiwan.  And, virtually all of South America is siding with Mexico, and forging closer ties with European and Asian trading Partners.

The most ignorant tactic that Trump has attempted so far, however, is how he is treating Europe—somewhat like a piñata.  Both V. P. Michael Pence and Secretary of Defense, James Matthis, have been attending a meeting of European Defense Ministers, this past several days.  When they reaffirm America’s support for NATO, but make no mention of the European Union, it can make one wonder—don’t they know that many of the members of one, also belong to the other?

Up to a point, anyone can say that new Administration commonly have different Plans; but, with the Trump Regime, there doesn’t appear to be any concrete Plan!  Admiral Robert Harvard reportedly turned-down the role of National Security Advisor, since he couldn’t name his own staff.  However, word also got out that he made-up his mind after watching Trump’s press conference, yesterday, in which he vehemently attacked the Media. General David Petreus also reportedly insists on naming his own staff, if appointed. And, let’s not forget that Trump has politicized the NSC by naming Steve Bannon, his Chief Political Strategist, to it–as a Permanent Member!

Considering all of this nonsense—disruption within the West Wing, the Lying Game, attacking the Media, favoring Loyalty over Competence, and paying tribute to a fired National Security risk—that just sets the stage for utter chaos!  When someone forgets that he put the car keys in the freezer, or walks two blocks from home and doesn’t know where she is, its time for an Intervention.  Well, with Donald Trump already on the campaign trails, let’s Intervene before he loses the Keys to the Nuclear Arsenal!


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  1. #1 by cheekos on February 19, 2017 - 3:15 AM

    Read Nicholas Kristof’ column, from the NY Times, “How to get rid of Donald Trump.” A greta piece!

  2. #2 by cheekos on February 20, 2017 - 3:44 AM

    In the linked column, “In TrumpWorld, it’s OK to be Ignorant!”, from the Miami Herald, syndicated columnist Leonard Pitts, Jr. asserts, at least, part of the reason behind the political divisiveness in America today. His historically-based novel, “Freeman”, about post-Civil War Racism, in the Deep South, is cited on the “Recommended Books” tab, above.

  3. #3 by Vern Sedler on February 22, 2017 - 10:51 AM

    Nope, sorry not going to happen, I know you forget , but your pick, (H.C) agreed to this system. So let me use words that Madonna would use, “Shut THE FUCK UP”.

    • #4 by cheekos on February 22, 2017 - 5:22 PM

      Mr. Vern Sedler, thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. And, thanks for updating us on what Madonna might have said.

      Does “H. C.” refer to Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton? It’s OK to let your anger out. The Election has, in fact, been over for more than three and a-half months. And already, Donald is campaigning again. Does that mean that his job is done?

      Did you catch Senator John McCain’s comments from the European Security Conference, in Munich? Both he and Senator Lindsay Graham, another GOP member, so far, have been the only Republicans to find fault with Trump’s friendliness toward Russia. McCain also mentioned that attacking the Press is how Dictatorships begin! Did you catch that?

      Currently, most Americans cannot get their hands around National Security matters–like Russia and China. They still listen to Donald’s rants about ISIS, which is toward the bottom of the Pentagon’s “Third Offset Strategy”. I blogged about it.

      But, besides the American People, who recoil about Donald’s bromance with Vladdie, the Republicans among them sure seem to be giving GOP Congressmen and Senators an earful–mostly about Affordable Health Care and Immigration–at the Town Halls. Perhaps the Congressmen haven’t learned how to orchestrate and choreograph their contact with The People, like Donald Trump has.

      Mr. Vern Sedler, I always hesitate in getting into a discussion with Trump Supporters, because the ones that I have encountered, at least so far, can only shout and fume with emotion, rather than calmly discuss the various issues, one-by-one.

      Take a look at some of my past blog posts–taxations, trade policy, Planned Parenthood, foreign and national security policies, Iran Nuclear Agreement, ACA, Immigration, etc–and just let me know which one you would like to get into. No sound bites, and false assertions…just rational ideas and common sense. Let me know!

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