Donald Trump has been attacking the Legitimate Media, since the early days of his candidacy. Now, it’s one thing to dislike journalists who ask tough questions, which is their job; but, it’s another to openly attempt to cow an entire industry into irrelevance. And, the latter seems to be one of Mr. Trump’s odious intentions

The role of the Media, in a Democracy, is to monitor the government and insure that it is, in fact, doing the People’s business—and not that of some special interests, including its own! “Freedom of the Press (Media)” is one of the Four Rights, which are specifically cited in the First Amendment to the U. S. Constitution. The others are: Religion; Speech and Lawful Assembly. Might they also be in Trump’s cross-hairs?

Soon after his Inauguration, Mr. Trump issued an Executive Order, which was rebuked by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. He immediately began attacking, in turn, the Trial Judge, “that bad Court” and, in effect, the entire Judiciary. Mr. Trump seems to believe that he is above the law. Before 1776, Kings such as George III of Great Britain, asserted that they possessed all power, as given them by God. The American Colonies refuted that idea, when we claimed out Independence. Need we do that again!

In an article, from the NY Times, Jim Gutenberg recounts the story of Rick Casey, a TV and newspaper journalist and commentator, in San Antonio, Texas. Mr. Casey took exception to comments made by Congressman Lamar Alexander (R-TX), on the Floor of the House of Representatives. Alexander had inaccurately lambasted the “Liberal Nation Media” for not highlighting some early accomplishments of Donald Trump, which it had

In his diatribe, Mr. Alexander suggested a potential solution for the Media, when he said: “Better to get your news directly from the President. In fact, it might be the only way to get the unvarnished truth.” So, Mr. Casey started his next Commentary with: “Smith’s proposal is quite innovative for America. We’ve never really tried getting all our news from our top elected official. It has been tried elsewhere, however. North Korea comes to mind.”

The potential beginning of the end for Rick Casey’s career might have begun when his commentary, on Radio Station KLRN, was replaced by an earlier one. KLRN is affiliated with the Public Broadcasting Service. PBS is a (partially) government-sponsored TV corporation, along with its counterpart, National Public Radio. Both produce and broadcast shows, which might not otherwise be available through commercial media companies.

Mr. Casey was advised that his Commentary was replaced in order to avoid the risk of losing government funding. Congressman Alexander, in fact, sits on the PBS Board. There has been previous program modifications and, no doubt, that might be more common, in the days of the Trump Regime.

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