Over the past couple of years, the political environment among many Americans has become heated.  Friend against friend, neighbor on neighbor, they are now embattled; but, they often know little more than the political slogans or the soundbites, and there is little focus, if any, on understanding, either the underlying causes, or finding possible solutions.

Over the next several weeks, I intend to describe some of these issues—how they appear on the surface, and what, I believe, the underlying problems might be.  If Americans wish to work together, we can possibly find workable solutions.  But first, we need to take the political boxing gloves off, and discard our biased emotions.

For some of these problems, I have already posted blogs:  the Infrastructure Scam; the impact of Immigration Policy on our economy; Institutionalized Racism in our Public Schools, etc.  But, only when we consider these issues, as part of a greater, and even more important, problem—Preventing the Destruction of America—might we possibly find solutions!

I don’t claim to have all of he answers or, perhaps, even know all of the questions.  But, if America keeps festering from within, What Will We Become?







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  1. #1 by cheekos on February 13, 2017 - 9:33 PM

    Someone asked how you break the ice with, who happens to be in Law Enforcement; but otherwise, you don’t know what to say. There are plenty of other issues: Women’s Health; the rumored GOP Consumption (National Sales) Tax; the Infrastructure Plan (Scam really) that was announced a couple of months ago. Surely, Trump has some off-the-wall idea…or a hundred, or to, that you can discuss. Cops are mostly one-issue candidature. SHHH, just don’t show them the chart, showing the Crime Rate declining steadily since the mid-1980s.

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