Toward the end of the 2016 campaign trail, Donald J. Trump seemed to take the edge off his vow to “Deport 11 Million Undocumented Immigrants”.  He narrowed his pledge, in time, to evict only “Illegals with Police Records.”   Recently; however, Trump has been rebuked at several stages, by the Federal Judiciary, with regard to his anti-Muslim Ban.  But, Trump doesn’t accept defeat easily: its just not in his DNA!  Accordingly, Donald has reverted back to his schoolyard bully persona.

There have been numerous protests, especially at some of America’s major airports, which apparently turned-up the fire in Donald’s belly, even more!  He then ordered raids in various cities, literally grabbing undocumented people off the streets or from their homes, and is scheduling them for deportation.  Are there any bets as to whether these undocumented immigrants will be afforded “due process,” under our Legal System?  In effect, they can be deported under the guise of his “kinder, and gentler” declaration; because. they now have police records.

What impact will these raids, and expedited deportations, probably have on America?  Actions generally do cause results, Donald, and not necessarily positive ones!  California, for instance, produces an extremely large portion of our Nation’s supply of fresh fruits and vegetables.  Under Trump’s mass deportations, there will be a shortage of farm workers.  Farm crops are mostly harvested by low-paid workers, performing back-breaking work.  The same goes for Washington State apples, Florida fruits, vegetables and sugar, and the same problem will effect the economies in many other states.  So, get ready for higher prices and a shortage of fresh produce in America!

The prices of many other products and services, which we buy or use, would increase substantially without the immigrant workers.  Consider: lawn services; restaurant kitchen help; construction workers; road crews; hotel household staff, etc.  A drastic reduction in the labor supply would only result in an equivalent spike in expense for those products and services.  Once the workers are deported, the Trump Regime can fine the employers, all he wants; but, there would still be a labor shortage!

Just consider a major stumbling block that China, Germany, Japan and other countries are beginning to face—an aging workforce!  As national economies have improved, the birth rate naturally declines.  China’s One-Child Policy (since 1980) has truly devastated its supply of young workers, and the Japanese and German economies have similarly been effected.  Germany’s labor pool, however, has had a resurgence, due to the migration of rouge workers, due to the European Union’s Open Borders Policy.

America—pre-Trump—had always been considered the Model of Democracy, Capitalism and Humanity. America has benefitted over the centuries, from wave-after-wave of Immigrants from Europe, Asia, the Caribbean, South America and Africa.  Many of those flocking to our shores—whether economic or political refugees—have worked hard, raised their families, fought in our wars, paid taxes and, in other words—have always continued to Make America Great, Again and Again!

Might we be delivered from this Trumpian Plague?  The GOP has been saying, all along that it can control what they have allowed to develop.  Well, as more and more Americans become disgusted with Donald J. Trump, perhaps the Republican Party will be ousted from its majority roles, in both the House and Senate.  That might enable the Democrats to put a muzzle on Trump, but, one question still comes to mind: Might the schoolyard bully be contained before he destroys America?





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