Secretary of Defense James Mattis, was confirmed and sworn in the afternoon of Donald Trump’s Inauguration, Friday, January 20.  As a Retired Marine Corp General, who only retired three and a-half years ago, new SecDef Mattis did not require any orientation regarding the U. S. Military, or the operations of the Pentagon.  On January 24, he read a memorandum about the proposed raid in Yemen, and sent it back to the White House, conveying his support.

Trump was briefed by National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, along with the entire National Security Council, which recommended the raid, and discussed it in great detail, on January 25.  Donald Trump authorized the raid on either January 26 or 27, depending on whether he signed the order on Thursday or Friday.  Navy SEAL Team Six carried-out the raid on Saturday, January 28.

Afterward, it was reported that Chief Petty Officer William “Ryan” Owens, 36, had been killed, three other SEALs were wounded, and numerous Yemeni civilians had also been killed, as were 14 AQAP (al-Qaeda of the Arabian Peninsula) fighters.  Media reports of the raid, however, alleged that the it had been carried-out with insufficient intelligence.  (The source of such reports would normally be from Defense Department leaks.)

Trump’s Press Secretary, Eric Spicer, asserted that the Plan had been approved by the Obama National Security Team, back in early November.  A spokesman for Obama disputed that unsubstantiated claim!  There had been an overall plan for Yemen, during the Trump Administration, but none specifically for that particular location.

“TOC’s” (Tactical Operations Centers) always have plans on their radar screens—past ones being reviewed, current operations being monitored for on-the-fly changes, and future ones for authorization and updating.  But the Commanders can never shift responsibility, nor project the blame elsewhere!

It is truly ludicrous to believe that a SecDef, who had been a four-star general himself, would not have immediately taken full-control of all Defense Operations, whatever the stages they were in.  Was Secretary Mattis, perhaps, encouraged to pull a successful action out of his hat, sort of suggesting that Trump was the “New Sheriff in Town?”  If so, might such bravado have been intended to remove some of the heat, which Trump was feeling:  the Women’s March; negative media coverage and reports of confusion within the Trump Regime?

In a recent post, I had pointed-out that Donald Trump had taken opposite sides of last Friday’s Jobs Report.  in a NY Times article, he took credit for a strong economy, although he had only been in office for ten days.  Then, in a Washington Post article, on the same day, he made an outrageous claim, suggesting that the true, on-going employment statistics were much worse.

Mr. Trump apparently was unsure of what he was saying; but, either way, he wanted to prove his superior intelligence.  Along these same lines, however, Donald Trump has recently been attacking a Federal Judge; claiming that he would be responsible “…if anything happens.”   But Donald has already created the danger with his ignorant Muslim Ban, the Judge is merely trying to diffuse his incompetence!

NOTE:  AQAP was formed, in Iraq, following the initial Bush Invasion and dissolution of its military.  It is somewhat related to al-Qaeda, and its breakaway offshoot, ISIS.


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