Donald Trump has a reputation as someone with a hair-trigger, ready to sue someone— anyone—at a moment’s notice.  The real estate tycoon even reportedly sued the local airport authority in Palm Beach County, Florida; because, departing aircraft, under certain weather conditions, flew right over hie Mar-a-Lago Estate.  But this time, Mar-a-Lago faces an even greater danger than mere jet noise—the Rising Seas!

The various barrier islands, up and down the Atlantic Coast, are a natural buffer to protect the Mainland from the sea.  But, Americans have built palatial estates, vacation homes, hotels, and condominium complexes all along them.  And every year or two, the expense of such dangerous living becomes greater and greater, when one considers: ever-expensive insurance; property taxes, including beach erosion; home repairs due to the damage done by the elements.  Also, the protection that sea walls and pumps provide, on an island, can be limited.

The linked article, from The Boston Globe, shows aerial photography of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Estate, both currently and at various projected stages in the future.  Even if Donald, age 70, intends to leave the property to his children, the value may very well be plummeting by the time they take over.  And remember, the demand for palatial estates, as the sea is threatening, will surely be limited.  Open house…Anyone?

The Globe article cites the differences in opinions that some of the Trump uber-wealthy neighbors have.  While some have literally read the seawater on the wall; others believe, now that Donald was elected, he will make things better.  Perhaps, he can stick his finger in the non-existent dyke? 

The Globe article is linked, as follows:


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  1. #1 by Jerry Frey on February 6, 2017 - 6:50 AM

    The truth? You can’t handle the truth.

    In 1992, Eugene McCarthy wrote:

    “If one thinks of the classic definition of colonialism—the arrival of a large number of people who impose their cultural values and language on the preexisting society—it is hard not to define the current wave of immigration as a colonizing force on the United States. What distinguishes the United States from other colonized societies is that we have the power to prevent it, and choose not to use it. The backward societies of Asia and Africa were powerless to oppose the colonial hegemony exercised by the European powers in centuries past. We, on the other hand, have come to question whether the culture that built a society that has the world beating a path to our doors is even worth trying to preserve. In this social climate, immigration becomes an instrument of divisiveness, as it imposes new cultures and languages on American society.”

    • #2 by cheekos on February 6, 2017 - 4:56 PM

      I have never thought much of commentaries that involve splicing together various totally unrelated pieces of essays, speeches, etc, and fail to fashion them into any sense of coherent point.

      Frankly, I am also quite bewildered that someone would assemble various ideas of colonialism, and at different times and in unrelated contexts, as a Comment on a tongue-in-cheek blog post, which suggests that Mr. Know-it-All is going to Sue the Atlantic Ocean

      Surely, Trump would, if he only could; but, rumor has it that he cannot determine the Court of Jurisdiction.

      • #3 by cheekos on February 6, 2017 - 7:32 PM

        For a great depiction of the insanity of Colonialism, there’s an old book, “Something of Value”, by Robert Ruark. He writes about how the British took away the ancient tribal ways–beliefs, superstitions, rituals, etc.–and failed to give the Locals Something of Value, in return.

        Also, “Born a Crime”, by Trevor Noah, host of The Daily Show, provides a somewhat similar depiction, but in the more recent format–Apartheid. Ironically, Mr. Noah describes the post-Apartheid South America as being, for many, even worse than Apartheid. This situation is quite similar to post-Slavery in America’s Deep South.

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