In a few days, we will finally begin to see what a Donald J. Trump Presidency might bring.  But, considering the many people, as well as groups, that he has attacked—and oftentimes on an on-going basis—he appears to be a “control freak”.  Mr. Trump has even suggested as such, when he castigated the military and said that he would appoint “my own generals”.  Hmm, that sounds familiar!

The difference, between a government administration and a regime, as I understand it, is that a Head of State establishes a Regime, when he/she usurps control over the various components of society.   Specifically, they are: the Basic Freedoms, which are guaranteed in Amendment I of the U. S. Constitution (Religion, Speech, Press and Peaceful Assembly); the Economy; the Legal System and National Security (i. e. Military, Law Enforcement and Intelligence Services).

Let me list just six current Authoritarian Regimes:  China; Cuba; North Korea; Russia; Turkey, and Venezuela.  Surely, there are more such regimes;  but, I believe that this group includes different variations on the authoritarian control structure, and they reflect the identity of each of the current national leaders, traditional cultures, and the current economic situations.  But every one of these six states controls the very elements of the society; even those which, in a democracy, had previously been established primarily to safeguard the basic interests of the People.

Since June of 2016, when he declared his candidacy for President, Mr. Trump has been in the attack mode, against:  Mexicans; Muslims; Women; Blacks; the Military; Disabled Americans; and literally anyone, and everyone, who did not agree with him. He has literally lived up to his reputation as the schoolyard bully.

Throughout his ascendancy, Mr. Trump has virtually controlled the previously free-press.  He doesn’t hold press conferences, per se, unless you count the charade last week, where none of the so-called journalists were shown, identified or their media affiliations made known.  Even the questions might have been pre-selected by his Transition Team.  Furthermore, it has even been questioned as to whether the Press, after 100 years of having a beachhead in the White House, might be evicted.

As Muslims have been publicly vilified by Donald Trump, that raises two important questions.  Who will be next, as has happened in other authoritarian states, most horrendously mid-20th Century Germany?  And, given the divisiveness that has been created, how many more hate crimes will be committed against Muslims, Jews and Blacks, as well as their places of assembly?

There have been allegations that Trump’s Transition Team had requested that the Environmental Protection Agency provide a list of all staff members who have attended Climate Change seminars.  How many other such “Lists” are being compiled, within government, the military, law enforcement and within our society, at large?

Lastly, Donald Trump has repeatedly attacked the intelligence Community.  Might his agenda be to force those professionals who do not agree with him out of government and, then, to replace them with his “own men”?  How different would that be from the “Big Brother”, which George Orwell warned about.  At some time in the future, might such a Trump Intelligence Community, if one  ever exists, be turned upon the American People?

Was America this divisive two years ago?  Four?  Twelve?  Ever, other than perhaps during the Civil War, in the mid-19th Century?  So far, Donald Trump hasn’t assumed Power yet.  But, have you wondered, I mean truly wondered, what that might entail?

 NOTE:  Andy Borowitz, writing in The New Yorker, using his own brand of tongue-in-cheek investigative reporting, revealed why Acting Attorney General Sally Q. Gates was fired from the Trump Justice Department.  This interesting revelation is described in the linked column, as follows:


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  1. #1 by cheekos on January 18, 2017 - 7:45 PM

    Over the weekend, newspapers in Jerusalem had reported that U. S. Intelligence Professionals had warned their Mossad Counterparts, in Israel, to be careful about sharing “Information” with the Trump White House or National Security Council. The concern was that Trump’s people might share it with Russia who, in turn, might pass the intel on to Iran.

  2. #2 by Susan Iseman on January 20, 2017 - 1:56 PM


  3. #3 by cheekos on January 21, 2017 - 3:16 AM

    Notice the letters regarding the speed with which Trump and the GOP are tearing-down the Affordable Care Act, linked from the NY Times, as follows “ The last letter very specifically suggests that health care insurers might be intimidated by Mr. Trump, if they resist him. Notice also, that several of them come from Cambridge, Mass. Current or Retired Professors?

  4. #4 by cheekos on January 21, 2017 - 3:25 PM

    This spot-on Op-Ed, by Ashley Gilbertson, from the NY Times, might as well be titled, The Day-After”, is linked, as follows:

    Thanks to Ben Franklin for the suggested title.

  5. #5 by cheekos on January 28, 2017 - 5:38 PM

    Thank you Rvette454, for leading me to the “New Economic Perspectives” web site. That truly will give me something to go through. Right now, I am considering three new blog posts. And “Curiosity. or Lack thereof” should be a very fitting one for the New Trumpian Way.

    Now, I had errantly suggested that Donald give some thought to why–just WHY–since 1982, only two foreign embassies are in Jerusalem. Even the Israeli Defense Ministry remains in Tel Aviv. But here goes:

    1. When will Trump roll-out his latest “Five-Year Plan”? That’s the old Soviet-style economic blueprint for the economy. Both China and Russia use such micromanagement even today. So, as Trump wants to browbeat corporate CEOs to make decisions, which he can ignorantly claim credit for, the next step would be to force his ideological ones on them. That would merely move us away from True Capitalism, and will Democracy be far behind?

    2. What might the ramifications of our deteriorating relationship with Mexico be–to our National Security? I was a senior in high school during the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. Would I be in the Army in June or receiving my Diploma: Just wondering? Mexico is not 90 miles away, and we have a much, much larger common border with it!

    3. I read Trevor Noah’s “Born a Crime” yesterday, about his hilarious recount of growing-up illegal in South Africa. It provides a caustic analysis of one more form of racism–Apartheid. As our current Regime divides racial and ethnic groups, de-regulates restrictions on banks that could take us back to residential red-lining, calls for guns for everyone, everywhere (even Automatic), and a re-birth of White Supremacy. Concerned?

    It’s hard to try to determine what direction this is all taking; but, when it comes to there Trump Regime, I can only assume his Team, of Cabinet Members and other Key Advisors, are composed of some combination of the JV and Freshmen Teams.


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