Since the Presidential Election, Donald Trump supporters have been saying that those who did not vote for Donald Trump—a majority of Americans—should “Get over it!”, give him a chance, and that we should show him some respect.  My simple response is “Why?”  So far, both prior to the Election and since, Donald Trump has not given most of us any reason to believe that he has actually changed his stripes.  Once a cad, always a cad!   And what about the respect that he did not afford Barack Obama?

Donald Trump can observe  a decent human being and Great Leader, by watching the Tuesday Night Farewell Speech of Current President Barack Hussein Obama, which was broadcast from Chicago’s Grant Park.  Obama wanted to return to where it all began, in his Hometown.  But, it was truly meant for All of America!  He was Your President too!   Not Blue States, or Red States, but the President of All America!

If Mr. Trump watches that video, he will see a Love-Fest!  Tears of joy, to have had Obama as out President for eight years, and tears of Sorrow, in knowing that it will come to an end, much too soon!  Barack Obama was the President of all Americans, and he did not base that on the size of their checkbooks, their business connections or what they might add to his political stature.  President Obama has given as much as he has received—Love, Honor and Respect.  And, let me add Honesty!

So far, Donald Trump’s House of Cards seems to be showing signs of premature crumbling:  working class Americans are realizing that their first-time ever Affordable Health Care is in serious jeopardy; his Cabinet nominees have been contradicting his avowed policies in Senate Hearings; and Congressional members of Trump’s own party have begun to question his business loans from foreign governments, his admiration for Russian President Putin and, again, a viable replacement, if they repeal “Obamacare”.

So Trump fans, don’t expect that, based on a number of questionable acts and errors, that Donald Trump has become a Leader overnight, much less worthy of being loved, honored and respected.  As far as many of us are concerned, Donald J. Trump is just the fox who has—horror of horrors—been placed in charge of the chicken coop!


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  1. #1 by Markus on January 18, 2017 - 8:46 AM

    Prob old mate. Great speeches do not make a great leader. Results do. By the reckoning of an outsider (non septic tank) Mr Obama leadership has fractured your nation, hence, Mr Trump sold the plebs renewal and they bought it. By his actions, a great leader.

    • #2 by cheekos on January 18, 2017 - 2:32 PM

      Markus, thanks for visiting my blog, and for commenting.

      I don’t understand, however, what your point(s) is (are)! When someone makes a comment, I would like to understand what specific rationale they might have. For instance, Mr. Trump has seemed intent on erasing the very past eight years of the Obama Presidency. If so, what was wrong with ACA, restoring the financial markets and the banking system, getting Iran to disassemble its nuclear program, and send 95-98% of the centrifuges and plutonium out of the country?

      Neither Trump nor you have indicated as much. And lets not forget that the Republican Party had fought Obama every step of the way–literally from Day One, the very night of his first Inauguration. President Barack Hussein Obama could have accomplished so much more, if only a willing Republican Congress had worked with him, for the benefit of all America–rather than just for their ideological agenda, and their political base. Why had they schemed against, and obstructed him, constantly. To attempt his downfall?

      And, I certainly cannot agree that Donald Trump is (or was) a great speaker, or even that he will, therefore, be a great leader. His speeches never included a What, When, Who or How–just assertions, false promises, and he has made-up history, all along the way. Lastly, great leaders neither divide, nor vilify, the very people they purport to lead!

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