OK, OK!  So, the Election is six weeks behind us and we now have to deal with it!  It’s too late to drag-up the reasons—which demographics failed to turn-out, whose side was stupid or insane, real media over-kill versus fake news, the Russians, irrelevant pollsters, Director Comey, etc?  But, there is hope:  Donald Trump, at least, did provide an extended career for older political cartoonists, to delay their retirement—for Four More Years!

But, just consider how Donald Trump won the day–and the Election.  He didn’t say anything—he just spewed:  attacks, lies and false promises.  Any statistics he cited were cherry-picked in order to suggest that UP was DOWN, and vice versa.  There were no wonkish, detailed explanations.  And now, we’re seeing why: he never intended to follow-through on much!

He “straight-talked” his way through rallies, but only because he told his audience what they already knew.  He told them that they were poor, which they knew!  He told them that they lacked an education, to which they agreed!  He told them that they needed jobs, which was apparent!

But, he didn’t tell them what they failed to know about themselves:  You have to try, to get an education!  You have to leave that front porch or TV set, and go find those jobs!  And that God that you fear, when’s the last time that you actually paid him/her a visit?

Trump told them what they know in order to get elected.  But, he has no intentions of truly helping them turn their lives around.  Keeping a Non-Living Wage, not forcing overtime pay, not enforcing workplace safety is all part of his Victory Tour.  He failed to explain those things; but, just look at his Cabinet nominees—and now WE know!

Donald, no wonder you’re up at all hours Tweeting.  With your history toward others, how could you possibly sleep?

NOTE:  In the spirit of Peace and Genuine Friendship, I have linked an article from the NY Times, which describes the telephone call that Mikhail Gorbachev made to President George H. W. Bush, 25 years ago today, two hours before he resigned as leader of the Soviet Union.  Mr. Gorbachev, in the true spirit of doing what was right for his People, asked Mr. Bush to support the soon-to-be President Boris Yeltsin, of the new Russia. That link is as follows:


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