Over the years, the much-maligned “Electoral College” has always been regarded as being irrelevant and, perhaps, should be just cast off into oblivion.  But now, as many Americans—regardless of who they voted for, or if they even did vote—are coming to realize that Donald Trump might be a horrendous, and even dangerous President, there certainly are signs of Voters Remorse!.

Prior to the U. S. Constitution, all power was historically held, by the various kings or other heads of state, as having been “handed-down by God”.  In our Declaration of Independence, however, the concept of “Power to the People” was literally set forth, and further clarified by our Constitution.  The Founding Fathers apparently still had reservations about the ability of the American People to properly rule themselves. And so, the Electoral College was established, assumedly composed of the wealthy or landed-class, in order to serve as a check on the Vote of the People.

In the short time since the 2016 Presidential Election, Trump seems to have continued to thumb his nose at a majority of the American People.  Consider just a few of these transgressions:  he has been cozying up to Russia, our most dangerous adversary; his inexperienced and ideological Cabinet nominees; the lack of transparency with regard to his past Tax Returns and entangling business affairs; the divisive manner in which he is touring only states that voted for him; and the ongoing high-level involvement of his children within his Transition Team.

Over the 240 years of our Nation’s history, a total of 157 Electors had actually changed their votes, but spread-out over the years.  In a majority of the states, each Elector is bound to vote the will of the people. But, failure to do so generally only results in a minor misdemeanor punishment, which many Constitutional scholars believe would be overturned upon appeal.  Since the Electoral College is composed of the total number of Legislators in the House of Representatives and the Senate, Swinging the Vote might work!   Rational justification for it might spread within the close-knit groups within Congress!

The difference between Mr. Donald Trump’s 306 Electoral Votes, and the 232 held by Secretary Hillary Clinton, would only require 38 GOP Electors to switch their votes, or 12.4% of Trump’s total number of Electoral Votes.   Given Trump’s past flippant actions; however, and the recently revealed involvement of Russian hackers conspiring with WikiLeaks to change the Results of our Presidential Election, anything is possible!  Also, Electoral College Votes are cumulative, and not State-by-State!

The various Electors will cast their votes this coming Monday, December 19, through their respective Statehouses.  So, if you wish to make your preference known, Call AND Email each of your Senators and Congressman today! Even if it doesn’t work:  At Least You Tried!


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  1. #1 by cheekos on December 20, 2016 - 2:14 PM

    Well, even though it appears that we didn’t turn Donald away from the (soon to be) TumpHouse; jut the fact that he only took his divisive rally to the states that voted for him, he surely knows that he is not the Well-Liked Excellent One, which he pretends to be.

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