Michael Jordan is arguably the greatest basketball player who ever played the game.  And yet, rather than remember him for individual points scored or MVPs, many people recall that Michael Jordan always seemed to make those around him so much better. I doubt that I have ever heard Jordan say ‘i’; rather, he always seemed to say “We”.

For Donald Trump, however, he will soon be stepping into, perhaps, the most important leadership role on Earth; but, he still seems focused on his himself.  For instance, Trump began an idiotic Victory Tour today–only to the states that voted for him. Such a parade is divisive, rather than showing any attempt to unify a politically-divided nation.  He also visited a Carrier Corp. plant in Indiana, claiming that “I” have kept jobs from leaving.  Actually, Mike Pence, his Vice President-Elect, is still Governor of Indiana.  The State has extended $7 million, per year in tax-preferences, to coerce Carrier to maintain just half the jobs from leaving.

Donald Trump has a lot to learn about governing; but, given his own outsized superiority complex, he just does not realize his own ignorance.  Generally, when someone moves into the Oval Office, shouldn’t their personal qualifications be self-evident?  But Mr. Trump even claims credit for things that never happened, such as “saving the jobs at a Lincoln plant”, which had only been scheduled for temporary closure. for retooling to make Fords.

At the Presidential level, a true leader should feel confident in sharing the spotlight, allowing others to benefit from their accomplishments?  Empowering others to contribute to overall goals, in turn, benefits the the President’s Administration.  And, shouldn’t that be the President’s total focus–doing anything, and anything, that would be in the best interests of the Nation?

NOTE:  The Carrier deal, which amounted to keeping just half the jobs, was apparently orchestrated by (still) Governor Mike Pence, who will also be Donald Trump’s Vice President.  Indiana apparently provided the $7 million “bribe” to provide today’s Photo Op for Donald Trump.

For more information, a NY Times article is linked, as follows:



  1. #1 by cheekos on December 2, 2016 - 4:16 PM

    I believe that the difference between the $7 million, mentioned in the article like in the body of the blog post, is closer to the fact than the $700,000, which Mr. Rattner cites. Generally, such incentive packages include a number of various incentives, funded by various state and local sources. But, the analysis seems to be quit on target.

    Steven Rattner is a Wall Street executive and a contributing opinion writer.

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