Donald Trump doesn’t seem to have any idea as to what the job of President, which lies ahead, will actually encompass.  It will not include: a wholly-owned dictatorship; off the cuff comments will not suffice in place of actual facts; and Congress must approve just about whatever he wants to achieve.  Also, Donald Trump will even have to win-over some of his own party in both Houses, as well as a few Democrats, in order to get anything accomplished.!

Incoming Presidents generally surround themselves with capable professionals to fill most Cabinet posts, as well as other key advisory positions.  Experience in government affairs and a firm grasp of the relevant policy areas—State, Defense, Treasury, etc—should be required.   But for someone like Trump, who has no government experience, at any level, and seems to dislike details or studying policy briefing books, he has an even much greater need for experienced professionals.

So far, however, Donald Trump has been surrounding himself mostly with loyalists who have little more knowledge than himself.  And his appointees, so far, are wedded to the same iron-clad intellectual systems, which he expects to function in any and all situations.  And lastly, if he only hires people who have the same fact-less viewpoint as his own—and they are incapable or unwilling to advise a President Trump of alternate, perhaps more suitable courses of action—his Administration might simply become a fearful case of the of the Clueless leading the Mindless!



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