So far, Donald Trump’s three children have appeared to be key advisors throughout his Campaign, and now his Trump Transition Team.  Last summer, he flew Ivanka, Donald Jr., Eric and, assumedly, son-in-law Jared Kushner, to Indianapolis, Indiana to help him vet Mike Pence for Vice President.  Then over the past weekend, Mike Pence replaced Chris Christie as Chairman of the Transition Team.  It has been suggested that Christie was ousted since, when he had been U. S. Attorney, he sent Kushner’s father to prison for two years.

This week, Mike Rogers, a former Congressman and Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, who was expected to be named the Director of National Intelligence, was also forced-out.  It has been reported that Rogers, as well as anyone else with close ties to Christie, had been ousted.  I believe that the Trump Kids’ fingerprints have been all over this “palace revolt”, and I wonder how long they will act as trusted members of his Transition Team. 

Traditionally, Presidents, as well as others who ascend to high public office, place their investment and business assets into a so-called “Blind Trust”, which would be managed by an independent entity, and the principal would not receive any information, on his/her trust, during their term in office.  Donald Trump says that his children will manage his business—Trump Organization, LLC.

With so much of his business empire in real estate, how blind could Donald actually be to What he has, and Where it is located?  Donald Trump has boasted that he has projects in numerous foreign countries, as well as domestically.  But that merely raises the following questions regarding a President’s assets, and his sources of income:  What does he actually own?  Are his tax payments accurate?  Where are his overseas projects located?  Who is he doing business with?  And, who owes him money, or does he owe money to?

Given the fact that Donald Trump has been so dependent upon the counsel of his children, and his son-in-law, why did Kellyanne Convey, a Trump Advisor and former Campaign Manager, announce that the Transition Team has questioned whether the Trump children may receive security clearances?

A security clearance is not a frivolous designation that is randomly granted to just anyone.  Also, unless a person has a valid “Need to Know”, regarding specific information in their official capacity, clearances are not given.  So, if the Trump Kids are going to be managing Trump Organization, they wouldn’t be involved in the Affairs of State.  

Accordingly, clearances are not necessary, irrelevant to their assumed status as “Outsiders”, and they should firmly be denied.  More importantly, however, this raises the question:  Why was the question ever raised?


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  1. #1 by cheekos on November 16, 2016 - 9:25 PM

    As the lawyers kick around the idea that anti-nepotism laws might not apply to the White House, the assumption is that Jared Kushner could become an unpaid White House Advisor. Would that mean that he could pursue his personal career interests, and be married to the President’s daughter, who will be managing Trump Organization and, all the while, have access to classified national security information.

  2. #2 by Russell H. Manning on November 17, 2016 - 2:11 AM

    Perhaps. Kushner’s already been successful in bumping Christie from chairing the transition team and was likely responsible for steering father-in-law away from the New Jersey scofflaw from the VP ticket. HIs vendetta against Christie cannot be forgiven as Christie was appointed by Ronnie Reagan and so has sainthood as special prosecutor in the Kushner Sr. fiasco. In

    • #3 by cheekos on November 17, 2016 - 2:22 AM

      Mr. Manning, I agree completely. Jared Kushner certainly seems to be the one, inter-mixed with the Trumpkins, who is behind all things anti-Christie. The only question that I have is who is(are) the instigator(s) behind the rebellion that going on in the TTT.

      Many previous Presidents have tapped people who did not necessarily agree with them, even members of the opposing party. When you need help: you need it. But, as seems to be ringing quite true, Trump only wants people who agree with him. He won’t listen to them; but, it seems that he’s only looking for Scapegoats-in-Waiting.

  3. #4 by cheekos on November 29, 2016 - 12:39 PM

    Rejoice1 Jared Kushner will solve the Palestine Problem, because he’s a Jew. So, why has’t that Black Guy, who’s been living in the White House for eight years brought peace, to Africa and the Middle East? And he’s a Muslim!

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