Surely someone who has been around for 70 years has made some mistakes, has a few enemies, did or said something they wish that they could take back, etc.  But, not Donald!  Employees and small business owners that he stiffed?  Women that the long-time lothario grouped?  “Students” at Trump University that he scammed?  NO!  But, not Donald!

For four nights this week, thousands of Americans marched in the streets, in protest of Donald J. Trump.  This simultaneous outpouring of grief, in a number of  cities throughout our land, served as an outlet for those who are horrified at the thought of a Donald Trump Presidency—and what that might lead to.

A true leader would have just let it go.  In time, hopefully, the protesters would begin to accept the collective choice of the American People—all of US.  But, at the same time, now President-Elect Trump must also come to accept that a mere 50%—if even that—of Americans actually voted for him. The hope of a New Day surely will come, once everyone accepts the future reality.  The so-called “New Normal”!

Public Protests can be good, besides serving as an outlet for the grief, they reveal the Truth. Yes, we do have a divided nation; but, in a democracy, we can display that to the world, as well as to ourselves.  Let’s face it, we cannot solve our national problems until we confront them—head-on.  Hopefully, both sides will bend a little.  But, violence must be avoided—by both sides—lest it tarnish the cleansing process, and lead to political outrage.

Here’s where Donald Trump’s denial, and his compulsion to fight back might diminish the purification process.  On Wednesday, Trump tweeted that the protesters were professionals, hired by the media.  Do you mean, like “Protesters R Us”, huh Donald?  And then, on Thursday, he sent the Three Trump Kids to continue the counterattack on TV.

His vindictive mentality similarly horrified many when he spent a whole week attacking the Khans, who represented the Muslim Community in a Sea of Diversity, at the Democratic Convention, in July.  Trump’s response to post-Election dissent is reminiscent of President Richard M. Nixon referring to anti-war protesters, during the Vietnam Era, as (nothing but) “Hooligans”.  But Nixon, at least, also displayed his human side.

At one point, Vietnam Veterans held an anti-war protest vigil, camped-out in a park across from the White House.  Early one morning, with nary a media entourage, Richard Nixon, a former naval officer himself, during World War II, visited with the Veterans.  Little is known about that encounter; however, the fact remains that, arguably our most-disgraced President, despite his many flaws, did possess some humanity.

I challenge you, Mr. Trump, to begin to display some true leadership, as you leave Trump World for the reality of actually Governing.  You will no longer be the authoritarian dictator of a wholly-owned business empire.   Now, you will become an Employee of the American People!  You will have to deal with:  a dysfunctional Congress; a politically-emaciated Court System; a Divided Populace and many different nations who truly abhor you.  Mr. Trump, you have your work cut-out for you:  DON’T DENY IT!


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