The voter preference polls, virtually throughout the Presidential Campaign, had projected Secretary Hillary Clinton to defeat Donald Trump handily—even by “Right”-leaning FOX “News”.  Perhaps that continual lead caused some to stay home on Election Day.   And, there is also the on-going question of whether political polls are even still relevant?

Oddly enough, some of the demographic groups, which had the most to lose, might have chosen not to vote.  Younger voters, for instance, historically usually haven’t participated in large numbers, even though they would benefit most from free college or vocational school as a head start to a better-paying career.  Latinos didn’t turn-out in the numbers that had been expected, even though they are closer to those who would suffer most under harsher Immigration practices.  Also, the families that finally have health insurance, under the Affordable Care Act, must have believed Trump’s absurd promise of a better plan!

As I watched one state after another edge toward Trump on Tuesday night, I kept expecting the college-educated wealthy suburbs, and the minorities from the Inner Cities—voter precincts that generally close later—to flip the various states “Blue”, for Clinton.  But, in late afternoon, when the networks had showed the polling places in some Inner Cities, they were hardly as busy as I would have expected, and there were no long lines out the door.

Although Donald Trump’s “Ground Game”, offices spread throughout each state, paled in comparison to Secretary Clinton’s Campaign, he seemed to make-up for it with his “Mind Game”.  Many Americans who took his “Message” to heart, perhaps voted more Against Washington, than actually For Donald Trump. The “Wall”, minimizing the Federal Reserve and the IRS Code, and replacing “Obamacare” with something better, were absurd empty Trump statements from the word Go!

So far, Donald Trump has led a charmed life:  growing up in privilege; Daddy Fred funding several of his earliest ventures and, then, bailing him out more than once while he was in bankruptcy; running the Trump Organization, LLC, as a wholly-owned business dictatorship, etc.  His campaign speeches were full of “I will’s”, attacks on others, comments about his self-important wealth, and “Just trust me’s”.

Donald Trump has a bucket list, of things to accomplish, during his first 100 days in Office.  But now, the real question that remains to be answered:  Can he govern; work with Congress and heal the divided nation?  Don’t hold your breath!


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