It is hard to comprehend the Republican Party Leadership, many of whom have denounced Donald Trump’s words and actions time and again, but they continue to embrace him as the Party’s Candidate for President.  I believe that Trump has combined his usual snake-oil and showmanship with false promises to the populace, which also appeals to his Party’s ideology of Small Government.  Small Governments theoretically assess the smallest taxes possible, eliminate virtually all regulations, and let the people fend for themselves.  But, can you name any?

Thomas Jefferson first espoused the Small Government concept and, it might have worked well in the Pre-Industrial Agrarian America, in the early 1800s, when many people grew much of their own food, tended livestock and, perhaps, bartered for other goods in the small village squares of the day.  But, given today’s modern society, with the industrial age transforming to digital, and increasing life expectancy, are we ready to turn away from personal and mass transportation, an abundance of consumer products and the myriad of advances in medicine?

This is the charade that both Trump and the GOP would have us believe.  It reminds me of Pope John Paul II’s first visit to Manila, in 1981.  Since the motorcade from the airport passed through an extremely poor suburb, First Lady Imelda Marcos had facades erected along the way, so that “El Papa” would see nothing, but happy Filipinos.  My wife pointed it out to me on TV, at the time, since we had just flown over that same area on our departure, the year before.  And, the Republicans expect us to be happy with a similar facade, although a more modern American version?

But, what would the America that the GOP’s Candidate want us to believe in be like?  Consider just a few of the policies that Trump would have us accept:  Tax cuts skewed toward the wealthy, but add $6.2 Trillion to our National Debt over ten years;  Social Security would be “privatized”, with part of new Payroll Tax contributions going into the stock market;  with the repeal of Obamacare, 20 million newly insured Americans would lose their coverage, and HSA’s and health care coverage would be subject to the whims of the insurance companies; eliminate a Woman’s Right-to-Choose; many of the Jobs promised have already been replaced by the service industry or robots; and horror of horrors, Donald Trump would control the nuclear codes… Must I go on?

The Republican Party has continued to embrace Donald Trump because he is going to reduce the American Government as much as he can.  Expect a National Sales Tax, which would most impact the poor, to be added to State Taxes. The Party Leadership seems to believe that, as long as their ideological needs are met, they will have accomplished their goal.  And, the American People be damned!

To sum up Donald Trump’s willingness to meet all of his false promises, I am reminded of former NYC Police Commissioner, Bill Bratton’s, response when asked to comment on Trump’s pronouncement, the night before, that he would be the “Law and Order President”. Bratton responded, “What’s his experience?”  Seriously, what has Donald Trump ever done for anyone, but himself? And why should we expect him to change now?


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