Given the frivolous manner in which Donald Trump has been dismissing allegations, by seven women now, and counting, of sexual misconduct and assault, I can only wonder about his mental stability.  And consider that Trump is currently lashing-out at virtual enemies, at all hours of the night, on Twitter.  But, I am truly concerned about the role of the President in unleashing our Nuclear Arsenal!

Bruce G. Blair, was a young military officer during the 1973 Yom Kippur War, between Israel and neighboring Arab states.  He and a crewmate, another 20-something, were in an underground missile launch center in Montana, armed with the laugh keys and codes.  They had been ordered to prepare for nuclear war with the Soviet Union!  Mr. Blair’s recent Op-Ed, in the NY Times, is linked as follows:

At the time, President Richard M. Nixon was suffering from severe depression throughout the on-going Watergate events, and drinking quite heavily.  Now consider, would anyone feel comfortable, especially in a Time of Crisis, knowing that the President could launch ICBMs at his (or her) discretion, in such an impaired state?  Well, under our Constitution, no one can veto a launch order from a President—even a temperamental Donald J. Trump.

Luckily, President Nixon had two trusted and capable advisors:  Henry A. Kissinger and James R. Schlesinger, the National Security Advisor and Secretary of Defense, respectively.  They instructed the generals that they should only take orders from them since they were running the show that night.  Now, just consider who among Donald Trump’s closest advisors would you trust to step-in, in such a situation?  In fact, Trump does not have even one close advisor who has National Security experience!

Many of Donald Trump’s actions, comments, assertions and lies—each by themselves—are horrific and disgraceful.  But, just remember that term “Nuclear Triad”, which Senator Marco Rubio had to explain to Trump, during one of the Primary Debates:  that’s the combined air, sea and land nuclear missile delivery systems?  Also, a number of nations have them now, so when the nukes start flying, everyone will probably join in!


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