Soon after he announced his candidacy for President, in June of last year, besides his attacking virtually every faction in the American Demographic, Donald Trump began to suggest that a President Trump would strive for Isolationism and Protectionism.  Contrary to common sense, Donald boasted that the nations overseas love him.  That’s just par for the ignorance that seems to engulf Trump.

When I check-in with foreign media, from time-to-time, I’m just not seeing that love for Donald Trump.  Au contraire, other than Presidents Vladimir Putin, of Russia, and Xi Jinping, of China, most world leaders and their seem advisors seem to detest him.  Accordingly, I am linking recent articles , which seem representative of what I have been reading in various foreign periodicals on a regular basis.

The Guardian, of the United Kingdom, represents the nation from which we inherited most of our political philosophy.  The “Forget Gary Johnson.” article refers to the Libertarian’s apparent lack of Foreign Affairs awareness, but Dave Schilling then goes on to predict that a Donald Trump Presidency would be one long “Aleppo” moment.

The “Spiegel”, of Germany, reports that the German Administration has had low-level contact with the Trump Campaign, just in case he wins the Election.  Perhaps one of the most poignant comments, was made by German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier who recently described Trump as a “preacher of hatred.”

The linked article from The Sydney Morning Herald reflects a quite interested following of our Presidential Campaign, literally from the other side of the world.  This report is in regard to Donald Trump’s comments at a town hall meeting, that very same day, for a retired veteran’s group in Virginia, last Monday.  In them, Trump suggests that veterans with mental health issues are not strong.  Donald, you’re a “Chicken Hawk”: when these guys went off to war, you searched for a doctor to give you a mythical medical deferment!  Besides, most health care practitioners are trying to advance mental health into the mainstream acceptance.

The Editorial from the Japan Times—one of the two countries that would be most directly impacted by a Chinese invasion of North Korea (as mentioned in my last post)—cites the difference between Secretary Clinton’s preparedness and Donald Trump’s vagaries.  It cites his comments on using nuclear weapons: “When asked about nuclear weapons, Trump first said that ‘I would certainly not do first strike.’” But later, he added: “At the same time, we have to be prepared.  I can’t take anything off the table.”.

The article from the Miami Herald, by Andres Oppenheimer, suggests that every single nation in Latin America, even the pro-America ones, to significantly shift the the Left—and away from a President Donald J. Trump.  I have found Mr. Oppenheimer to be one of the most knowledgable writers in analyzing the Americas, and sort-out where we might be headed.

In an oversight, I forgot to include our friends to the North, in Canada. The columnist for The Globe and Mail, of Toronto, asked the question that every Republican–even those who do not endorse him–must come forward and rebuke him. All three of President Ronald Reagan’s children have done so. It’s time to step forward, en masse!

Over the past several weeks, Donald Trump have moved from one pot of hot water to the next.  It’s hard to believe that many in the Republican Party do not take action, mindless of the downward slope that he is taking the GOP on.  As the much-belovedauthor and,poet Maya Angelou once said: “When people show you who they are, believe them!”


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