Last March, Donald Trump had suggested that we should bring our troops back from Japan and South Korea if those countries don’t pay more for our presence there.  Then, he went on to suggest that we should help those two nations develop nuclear weapons themselves.  Now, does Trump have a clue as to what he is talking about?  Probably not!   The NY Times article, describing his comments, is linked, as follows:

Consider the following:  Japan and South Korea already help fund our Military Presence in their countries, to the tune of $2 billion and $885 million, respectively;  it is vital to the U. S. Defense Strategy to have our forces in close proximity to potential global hot spots, like China and Russia;  and nuclear arming of two more nations in East Asia is more Cold War Thinking than pursuant to our current Nonproliferation Strategy.

The Korean Peninsula juts out of China’s eastern land area, and North Korea, the Hermit Kingdom, which already has primitive nuclear weapons, is ruled by the lunatic Kim Jong-Un.  So, arming Japan and/or South Korea would merely be providing the spark that could ignite the powder keg that already exists on the Peninsula.  Additionally, neither of our two allies there want nukes, and Japan doesn’t even have a Military, just a Self-Defense Force.  And, why would we want to provoke China in its backyard, while causing concerns among our many Asian allies?

Last Monday evening, at the First Presidential Debate, Donald Trump even displayed more of his ignorance about National Security, when he said:  “China should solve that problem for us.  China should go into North Korea.  China is totally powerful as it relates to North Korea.”  The link, from a Washington Post article, is as follows:

That brainstorm appears to have been conceived in a vacuum.  Doesn’t Trump believe that past American Presidents, as well as China and other neighboring countries, have considered possible solutions before?  Was Donald Trump really suggesting that two of the world’s nuclear-armed superpowers confront each other on the Korean Peninsula?

China prefers having North Korea serve as a buffer between it and a South Korea, which is backed by an American presence of some 28,000 troops.  At the same time, China doesn’t want North Korea to implode; and thus, causing tens of thousands of starving Koreans to flood across its border.  Perhaps, Donald Trump doesn’t understand this, because he doesn’t read—he just tweets.

Currently, the two Koreas go about their daily business, just separated by a de facto border—the Demilitarized Zone—which is just two and a half miles (four km.) wide.  If China were to take over the North, the U. S. would then have to move its forces up to the DMZ, and reinforce them considerably.  And, let’s not assume that Russian President Vladimir Putin wouldn’t accelerate his aggressive objectives in Europe while the U. S. is distracted in Asia.



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  1. #1 by cheekos on October 6, 2016 - 3:43 PM

    Donald Trump has two generals who he parades-out, from time-to-time, especially Retired Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, a former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency. (The DIA deals with human intelligence (HUMINT), as compared to Communications or Cyber-Intelligence.) It’s hard to believe that Trump didn’t take-back the dangerous ideas, that I have pointed-out her. That leaves me with two possible conclusions: either they are dumber than shit, or he doesn’t listen to them anyway.

    Whitchever it is, I’m not surprised!

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