At the RNC Convention, in July, you Ooh’d and Ahh’d over the four adult Trump children—so unnaturally in awe of their father that they seemed programmed to act just like Daddy—arrogantly ignorant. Or, is that ignorantly ignorant?   Tiffany, age 22, however, has remained out of the spotlight and, perhaps, has not been indoctrinated into the family business yet.

Ivanka (age 34) helped Donald present his Maternity Leave Program.  The Plan
is decidedly lame:  it only provides for six weeks maternity leave, applies to married women only, and is funded through participant child care spending accounts.  Since only 35% of households itemize deductions, and they are skewed somewhat away from younger people of childbearing years, the full tax savings would be lost on them.

Ironically, Ivanka who influenced Daddy to, at least, offer something for New Moms, has not similarly used her influence on the company that makes her brand products. to do likewise.  Women there must use vacation days for any time-off.

Contrary to Donald Trump’s false assertions, Secretary Clinton has had a Paid Maternity and Health Care Plan posted on her web site for a year and a half.  Her Plan provides up to twelve weeks paid leave to care for a new child or a seriously ill family member.  Both men and women are eligible—married or not—and it is funded by higher taxes on the wealthy, since they are the primary beneficiaries of the Economic Recovery.  Hillary Clinton’s plan, unlike Trump’s, was formulated with input from various child support groups.

Donald, Jr. (age 38) seems be the Alt-Right coordinator, and seemingly enjoys saying things in a most abhorrent way.  He claimed that, if Trump did half the things that Clinton did, they’d be warming up the gas chamber.  Then, adding to the abhorrence, he said that it was a Capital Punishment, not a Nazi Joke. “Joke”, Junior, really?

Moving right along, Junior then posted a picture on Twitter comparing Syrian refugees to poisoned candy. “If I had a bowl of skittles and I told you just three would kill you. Would you take a handful?” the image read.  “That’s our Syrian refugee problem.”

Perhaps, growing up in an entitled lifestyle, the Trumpkins don’t seem to have any empathy for those who must endure actual pain, suffering and, possibly, “In-Coming!” artillery shells.  But “Junior”, what if those refugees were: Sergey Brin (Google), Elon Musk (Tesla, SpaceX) and Pierre Omidyar (eBay)?  Or, how about Alfred Einstein, Henry Kissinger and Colin Powell?  Two scoops?

Eric (age 32), who is less involved with Things Trump, also demonstrates his detachment from the real world.  On FOX “News”, he received a skeptical smile from host Julie Roginsky when he said that his father: “…came from just about nothing.” It’s fairly well-known, although maybe not by the Trump Kids, that their father was raised in a similarly entitled lifestyle, DID receive significant financial backing from Fred Trump, his father, early on in his career, and considerable tax considerations from the NYC City Hall,  due to his father’s clout.

Eric also stated that his brother, Donald, Jr., is his mentor, and mostly raised him, since he was seven.  He added that Ivanka was like a second mother to him.  This close sibling relationship was brought about because his father worked 24-hour days. Isn’t it too bad that Daddy couldn’t afford a Nanny?  In essence, the Trumpkins seem to have inherited their father’s same consistent regard for honesty.

Trumpeters might just treat these actions as childish and foolish; but the scary part is  that the Three Trumpkins appear to be Donald J. Trump’s most trusted advisors. Remember that he could not decide on a Vice Presidential running mate without flying the three of them to Indianapolis to help him vet Mike Pence!

Of course anyone is better than the Trumpkins’ back-up:  Governor Chris Christie (the Bridge Guy), Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliana (the Genius who put the Police and Fire Command Center at the top of the WTC), and “lively?” Dr. Ben Carson.



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