Donald J. Trump continually talks about how quickly, and how forcefully, he is going to eliminate ISIS.  This is a theme, however, that he brought over from the Republican Primary Debates.  But considering all of the various adversaries that the U. S., and our allies might face, Islamic State doesn’t pose one of the most serious threats!

Our Defense Leaders at the Pentagon are constantly preparing for Future Wars, which the Pentagon currently refers to as the “Third Offset Strategy”.  Knowing your enemy is the first consideration in warfare planning.  Russia and China are, far and away, at the top of that list followed, after a large gap, by Iran and North Korea (only due to the nuclear-armed lunatic, Kim Jong-Un), and toward the bottom are rogue states and non-government organizations, such as ISIS.

Islamic State, however, is in total disarray.  The Jihadist fighters have been decimated, their weapons and equipment have been destroyed, its captured territory has diminished greatly, and the oil wells that financed the Caliphate are no longer functional.  Also, with the arrival of Turkish forces, the Syrian border with Turkey has been sealed, thus ending the flow of Jihadi recruits and supplies to ISIS.

At present, ISIS remains a Caliphate in name only, and it can no longer claim any authority over the Islam that it had highjacked.   Following the loss of its potency in Iraq and Syria, the Islamic State has been carrying-out its terrorist attacks beyond the Middle East, either by fighters sent back to their home countries, or by radicalized Muslims in their local areas.  But, as any belief in the Caliphate fades, so too will the charade that it ever truly existed.

Rather than address the most dangerous threats to our security, Donald Trump choses to focus on ISIS, perhaps because it is much easier for him to sell to his followers.  There are no wonky details, such as cyber-warfare and the Nuclear Triad, to deal with.  Besides, his assumed danger-of-choice remains in play:  Muslims and terrorists, as well as his racist tendencies. That means that Trump’s supporters are already prepared for his chosen War on Terror!


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  1. #1 by cheekos on September 14, 2016 - 12:14 AM

    The link below, from the Miami Herald, was written by Lena Kanpf, a German investigative journalist, who is participating in a fellowship, and living in America. I believe that the Immigrant situation has been blown totally out of proportion by political demagogues. Yes, we hear about the few who have committed a crime, but not of the many, many who are happy to be able to live in peace, and raise their families.

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