In my last post, I wrote that Donald Trump seems to have hijacked the discussion surrounding the coming Presidential Election, preferring that the focus be on Secretary Hillary Clinton’s State Department Email and the Clinton Foundation.  Now, I will describe some of the Trumpian baggage that, I believe, Donald prefers to keep hidden.

Consider these examples of where Trump reaches for his labor:  Among the 250 postings for seasonal employees, at his posh Mar-a-Lago Club, in Palm Beach, Florida, he only hired four locally, and the rest from Eastern Europe; his retail “brand” items—shirts, ties, etc.—are all made overseas, such as in Bangladesh, China, Turkey, etc; and the Trump Model Agency has allegedly hired mostly women on travel visas, who are not legally permitted to work in the U. S.  Perhaps hiring models who cannot legally work might have been a common industry practice.

There have been some suggested discrepancies regarding the period that Melania Knauss (the Germanized version of Melanija Knavs) worked for the Trump Modeling Agency.  Recently, the question of whether the Slovenian-born (now) Mrs. Melania Trump worked legally when she first arrived, or not, is a concern which continues on.

It is well-known that Donald Trump tried to remove Gonzalo Curiel, the Ohio-born Federal Judge, on the case against Trump University, since he was of Mexican heritage.  New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman brought the case, against Donald Trump, Trump University, et al, for Fraud, in Federal Court. Judge Curiel remains on the case.  Also, since AG Schneiderman brought it on RICO charges, triple damages might be awarded.

Relatedly, Florida AG Pam Bondi considered joining in that same fraud case, since there had been a number of complaints against Trump University, in Florida, as well.  The Donald J. Trump Foundation, however, made a $25,000 contribution, in 2013, to Bondi’s campaign fund.  It is illegal for charitable foundations to contribute to political campaigns.  But interestingly, AG Pam Bondi dropped any consideration of joining the case against Trump University.

OK, now we might get to the really important point: What is Donald Trump hiding by not releasing his past Tax Returns.  Tax experts have already diffused his smoke screen that he is under audit, and the IRS has confirmed that there is no requirement that returns under IRS Audit not be released.  Historically, every Presidential and Vice Presidential Nominee has provided a number of years (say eight to ten), going back to the early 1970s.  Between Bill and Hillary Clinton, some 25 years of back joint returns have already been released.  Senator Tim Kaine, her running mate, has also released his Tax Returns.

Donald Trump has done business in Russia, to include holding a recent Miss Universe Pageant in Moscow. President Vladimir Putin had to cancel, but most of the Oligarchs (Putin’s cronies) did attend.  Also, it’s common knowledge that Trump has wanted to build a Trump Tower in Moscow for years.

Paul Manafort, Trump’s former Campaign Manager, had a lobbying firm in Kiev, and did personal business with Viktor Yanukovych, the pro-Russian former President of Ukraine, who fled to Moscow when he was ousted.  Trump has already raised eyebrows over some comments that he has made publicly to, and about, Putin.  So, does he truly have a relationship with Russia, and where else might he also have connections?

It is assumed that Donald Trump does not intend to release his Tax Returns for any or several of the following reasons: he pays little or no taxes, which is common for real estate moguls; he is not worth anywhere near the $10 billion that he claims; he has questionable business dealings—both domestically and globally–and perhaps it will reveal how he has taken tens of millions of dollars from businesses, like the four bankrupt casinos in Atlantic City, as they descended into bankruptcy; or might they show that he is just not the business genius that he claims to be?

Lastly, while Trump claims that the Clinton Foundation should be closed-down immediately, what about his multi-tentacled Trump Organization, LLC?  Is he ready to shut that down immediately, and for good, as well?  Having his adult children, who seem to be mesmerized by him, run the Trump Empire would not provide the features of a Blind Trust, which the Presidency should require.  That would be fallacious—especially with Trump’s past history of breaking the rules!


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