Donald Trump’s supporters don’t seem to hear what he is actually saying.  He initially promised that he would deport 11 million undocumented immigrants, and build a Wall to keep them out.  He also said that he would close our borders to all Muslims, slap tariffs on imports from China and Mexico, and bring the jobs back.  Throughout all of this hate-mongering about ”Them”, his audience cheered wildly and has continually supported him throughout the Campaign

Earlier this week, he has been “softening” some of his rhetoric.  Deportations will be carried-out “humanely”. He will deport only the dangerous ones.  But, in his next breath, he said that “They all gotta go”.  They can come-back, but there will be no path to citizenship or residency. Well, so much for humane deportations! And then more recently, he seems to have been making a desperation pitch for Blacks and Latinos to give him a chance to win.  Remember: “What do you have to lose?”

Trump seems to prefer not discussing important national issues, such as:  the Economy, Jobs (in any context), National Security, etc., and explaining his plans to implement any real solutions.  Instead, he is more willing to get down into the dirt, and he is content on citing Hillary Clinton’s fabricated problems, telling absurd lies, old accusations and repeating numerous conspiracy theories.  All along, Donald Trump’s supporters never seem to wonder if his accusations are based on reality, whether he can fulfill his promises, and reveal what his programs will cost.  Basically, he just wants to control the dialogue.

Even when Donald Trump gets caught saying or doing something outside the realm of sanity, he merely tries to shake it off, and blame them on: sarcasm (challenging Russian cyber-warriors to hack State Department Email); just a suggestion (“Second Amendment People” counter-acting another President Clinton) or he was only retaliating (Mr. and Mrs. Khan attacked him first).  And once again, “Trumpians” seem to believe all of his excuses, or just don’t notice.

Secretary Clinton must avoid being dragged into Trump’s mud-hole; because, slinging mud is all that he appears ready to offer in the Campaign.  His attention span is reportedly as short as that of a young child’s, and he admits that he doesn’t read much.  Even a busy executive generally takes a book along when he travels, in order to relax and get away from business.  Several journalists who have interviewed him, or have ghost written books for him, have reported that Donald Trump only has books written for him, or about him, in his office.  No wonder he cannot comprehend complex issues!

Its just too bad that the Republican Party did not vet Trump properly before allowing him to enter its Primary Election process, or even get on that first Debate Stage.  Shouldn’t there have been a qualification process?  He wasn’t even a Registered Republican!  No doubt, there will now be some sort of qualification process for future GOP Candidates, especially outliers.

“We, the People” certainly need to wake up!  For someone like Donald J. Trump to actually make a run as far as the General Election for President reflects upon us all.  Are we so lazy that we must count on two-minute TV sound bites, key words and hyperlinks to provide all of the national and international news that we need?  Shouldn’t we seek some content, have a better understanding of what the issues are and know whether a particular candidate’s views are similar to yours.  And, are those views in the best interest of the Nation?

NOTE:  Fact checker; Here’s how Trump got the AP story on Clinton Foundation donors all wrong. Linked as follows:


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  1. #1 by cheekos on August 27, 2016 - 3:26 PM

    The claims that Trump is an Isolationist certainly might suggest some risk for him as a World Leader. Isolationism is what kept America from joining in World War II–almost until it was too late! FDR even turned the ship St. Louis away, when it had already arrived in Miami, with several hundred Jews aboard. Eventually, the ship returned to Europe, and most of the passengers were thought to have perished in the Holocaust.

    Consider that Trump generally meets with people at his Trump Tower. He returned to it each evening, during the RNC Convention in Cleveland. To an extent, Trump’s reliance on his Tower–his Castle–might be perceived as an anachronism, to the Castle Strategy of the Middle Ages. Build yourself a fortress. But Donald, don’t forget that the other guy will live by the Missile Strategy.

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