No, I’m not referring to refugees coming from Iraq, Syria and Libya!  Approximately half of the three million or so, have been re-settled in grossly overcrowded refugee camps within the Region, mostly in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey.  The rest have taken various dangerous sea or land routes to Europe.  And as with any mass migration, in this case, there are always some criminals and terrorists mixed in with the masses who only seek safety, and a better way of life.

Over the several centuries of American history, we have also had various migrations, from Europe and Asia, and more recently Latin America and the Caribbean.  There are a number of Puerto Ricans, who are U. S. citizens, who have moved to the Mainland, for the better economic conditions.  And since the mid-1950s, the Island’s Revolution resulted in several million Cuban political refugees coming to the U. S., and more recently, some continues, but as economic emigres.

I recently described Venezuela as another failed state, just waiting to explode, and that post is linked as follows:  Now, there have perhaps always been people entering the U. S. illegally, from various nations—either by just coming ashore or failing to return home when their Visas expire. And that will continue to be an on-going fact, as long as there are nations in political turmoil, or with dire economic conditions.  But in this post, I am suggesting that the situation in Venezuela will cause a sudden, mass influx when, not IF, it occurs.

Here in South Florida, we are ground zero as a destination for immigration from many places in Latin America or the Caribbean.  That’s because we have a diaspora of countrymen from literally anywhere in the Region.  The situation in Venezuela, however, is different from others, however, because the catalyst for leaving has already been set.  At this time, only the ignition is lacking.  And, with a population of 31 million, Venezuela has twice the potential number of sudden refugees, which might arrive in the U. S., as the entire remainder of Cuba and Puerto Rico combined.

I have lived in South Florida for almost forty years.  So, if I didn’t like immigrants or diversity, I would have been gone long ago.  For instance, when Fidel Castro sent 120,000 people from the Port of Mariel, Cuba, in just a few months time in 1981, Miami took them in.  And over time, they found work, paid taxes, raised families and became assimilated into our multi-cultural version of American Society.

The unfortunate fact currently is that we have an ignorant faux politician who is spewing hatred among our Countrymen, and suggesting that we should stop illegal immigration by building a wall.  His wife, Melania, came to this country for a reason.  Has he asked her why?  Oddly, in Donald Trump’s shallow-minded “address” on Terrorism on Tuesday, he suggested that “bigots and hateful people” should not be allowed in.  Donald, have you looked into the mirror lately?

NOTE: When there is a mass exodus, from any nation, not everyone leaves. And some people go to various countries, either where they have friends or relatives, or for any of a multitude of other reasons. But as usual in this Hemisphere, we will get a goodly number of Venezuelans.


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