President Barack Obama started yesterday off on a powerful note!  He specifically asked prominent Republicans—House Speaker Paul Ryan, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Senator John McCaine—why they keep repudiating what Donald Trump has said and, yet, they continue endorsing his Presidency?  Obama additionally asked what that says about their Party when they cannot trust—or presumably control—what their Nominee will say or do next?

Whenever Donald Trump says something totally outlandish, Republicans act as if they are horrified.  But, over the past three decades, the Party of Lincoln has moved more and more to the extreme “Right”.  Literally every stand that Mr. Trump has taken is well within the realm of what the party has evolved into.  The GOP seems to finally be realizing that their Nominee is totally out-of-control.  But, all that Trump has actually done is show the Republican Party for what it has become—a party of bigots, racists and hate groups.

Since Trump announced his candidacy, in June of 2015, he has attacked:  Mexicans and other Latinos; Blacks; Women; the Military, including a former POW; the Disabled; a Federal Judge of Mexican Descent; Muslims, etc.  And, every time the Republican Establishment assures America that they have him under control, the Monster Within seems to escape, once again.  Within the past week, however, Donald Trump seems to have outdone himself—committing three of what should be inviolate offenses.

Last Friday, he attacked a grieving Muslim couple whose 24 year-old son, a U. S. Army Captain, was killed in Iraq.  Yesterday, after a New York Times story questioned how he avoided the War in Vietnam, he walked into a campaign rally and displayed a Purple Heart.  The Purple Heart is a military award given to soldiers who were wounded, or killed, in combat.  Making matters even worse, Trump joked by saying: “I always wanted one of these; but, this is easier.” And then, to top it all off, yesterday he reportedly had a crying baby evicted from his campaign rally.

As of now, Donald Trump’s Presidential Campaign appears to be unravelling.  While America has been paying attention, many Trump supporters and party loyalists have continued to support him, “…as the Party Nominee”.  Now, I don’t know if President Obama’s questioning the GOP spurred a change-of-heart, but some do appear to be backing away from that agreed-upon excuse.   For whatever reason, the Republican Party does seem to be coming to its senses.   So far, perhaps its only one-by-one, but a number of prominent Republicans have been disassociating themselves from Donald Trump.  But, the mass exit surely can’t be too far behind!

Lastly, I believe that some disaffected Trump supporters are even beginning to question whether Donald Trump is rational or not.  And on top of that, his narcissism won’t allow him to admit when he is wrong; so, when he is in a hole, he just continues digging!  How can any public person possibly win a battle against: a grieving couple who have lost a son in combat; someone who possibly dodged the military draft joking about an award given only to combat veterans; or evicting a crying baby?  Even his staff is rumored to now be questioning his mental stability.

For anyone expecting a Divine Intervention, Get Real!


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  1. #1 by David Shahrestani on August 3, 2016 - 6:52 PM

    There may be a large percentage of the swing state population, namely middle-aged white men, who feel they have gotten the short end of the stick over the past 20 or so years. They don’t mesh well with a service based information economy, and wish to return to the manufacturing based economy wherein they flourished.

    Some evidence for this can be found in a recent study ( that found that increased mortality and morbidity rates in this demographic group can be explained in large part due to increased suicide and drug abuse.

    I feel like the vote will be less a referendum on who would make a better president (Clinton), and more a referendum on whether people think the current system works for them or whether they would be better off just burning the whole thing to the ground (Trump). If this is true, Trump can probably continue to say whatever he wants and keep those voters.

    • #2 by cheekos on August 3, 2016 - 7:39 PM

      Mr. Shahrestani, thanks for visiting my blog and your comment.

      Over the millenia–actually you could go back to the prehistoric–there has been change. In more recent times, we had the industrial revolution, autos and planes, radio and TV, and in recent decades, the digital era. These brought societal changes–how we worked, how we learned, were entertained and read, communicated with each other, etc. Throughout those times, some people embraced the New, while others felt that they would never last.

      But consider this question: should we really expect to be able to pick and choose as to which components of the NEW and the OLD do we want to embrace? In the early days of television, the old radio shows–Jack Benny, Gunsmoke, Burns and Allen, etc–were still on for awhile; but, as more and more people shifted to TV–and as they did, the price of sets came down–the radio shows went off the air. In fact, Jack Benny, Gunsmake, and Burns and Allen were on TV by then. And think of the demographics.

      There are many red states, down here in the South, that are transitioning toward purple-and then to-blue as Blacks, Latinos and Asians have higher growth rates. I haven’t seen a mass exodus out of South Florida, in hopes of finding a lily-white home in the North. And let’s face it, in the end–with Jews marrying Christians, Blacks marrying Asians, Gays adopting Straights–we’ll all be mutts. Progress?

      In the end, those people who exist in that study are perfectly free to live that “Old Way”, that is until that old way evolves too. Remember also, that the shift of jobs, from manufacturing-to-service, started back in the 1940s. So, it’s a bit late to start protesting now. Our schools, government, business, labor and parents need to come together and prepare our children for the jobs of the future, rather than those of the past.

      Remember that even the old way is evolving itself!

  2. #3 by David Shahrestani on August 3, 2016 - 8:31 PM

    Well said. It reminds me of a the Victor Hugo quote, “Nothing can stop an idea whose time has come.” No matter how much the Luddites protested, progress continues its march forward.

  3. #4 by cheekos on November 13, 2016 - 3:37 PM

    Obviously, this post was based on rational thought, and my downright disregard for the political disregard and frivolous regard that many Americans have for important policy issues.

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