Once Donald Trump got off the stage last week—three personal appearances, and one video—his format was mostly focused on Secretary Hillary R. Clinton. Now, he didn’t seem to care that several GOP Congressional Committees found no evidence linking President Obama or Clinton to the four American deaths at the Benghazi outpost, or that the FBI and Attorney General could not find any laws that cited “Stupidity” as a Criminal Offense. Trump still devoted his whole week to Hillary.  “Lock her up?”

So naturally, Mr. Narcissism Gone Wild felt that Hillary’s Convention should be about him.  But no dice, Donald!  Hillary thought that she would focus on something that was truly lacking at his Coronation last week:  Facts; the Truth; and a repeated Apology, from her to America.  That’s something, by the way, that Donald Trump has never done, apologize for anything.  But, ordinary people lost considerable sums of money due to: his four bankrupt casinos[  condos which were never built and a faux-university.  Where you seem to make your real money by licensing yourself, Hillary actually does have some credentials!

Mr. Trump gave-up considerable prime-time TV coverage of important problem issues, just so that he could devote the lionesses’ share of his week to Madam Secretary.  Let me cite just a few of those blatantly omitted issues are:

Global Climate Change.  Just consider the wildfires that were burning, out of control, in our most-populace state of California—although it votes mostly Democratic—during the RNC Convention, and they have been  burning ever since.  In fact, there has been a significant increase in national disasters globally, over the past several decades, to include the current on-going dangerous drought in the Amazon Rainforest.

Racial Injustice in America.  The horrendous killings of police officers recently were emphasized in the RNC agenda, time and again; however, there was not one mention of the numerous killings of black men, and some women, at the hands of police officers, with some under questionable circumstances.  Such unwarranted deaths have been occurring regularly for a number of years.  If a Trump administration would truly want to solve the racial injustice problem, shouldn’t it be considered from both sides?

Although there were a number of other issues that you chose to evade, you surely could have outlined your plan to correct the complete obstruction on the part of Republican Members of both the House and Senate. That’s how they have confronted President Obama since his first days in office.  Don’t you believe that the Congress should be doing the People’s Business?  We, the People, certainly do!

Let me mention that I am a news junkie and, as a retiree, I have the time to watch the TV coverage while considering what the candidates—now down to Mister Trump and Secretary Clinton—have to say. Additionally, I like to review their respective policies, which they have posted on their campaign web sites. I’ll get to Hillary’s, in due time!

So far, I disagree basically with every one of Trump’s “stances” on issues.  Consider: I’m for a Woman’s Right Choose; Health Care cannot function without the Universal Mandate; If we let the climate get away from us, nothing else will matter—including us; Gun Rights is a sell-out to the NRA (read Gun Lobby); Trump’s Immigration Plan is not worth the (toilet) paper that it is written on; Quoting Pope Francis I on LGBTQ issues, “Who am I to judge?”; Privatization of Social Security is just the first step in its elimination; and Trickle-Down Economic Mythology is “Voodoo Economics”, as Candidate George H. W. Bush told Candidate Ronald Reagan, at a 1980 Primary Debate.

But don’t bother yourself with understanding Donald Trump’s stances on the various Issues.  As always, he just tells his audience what they want to hear.  And his views will merely change from day-to-day, like a piñata spinning in the wind.



  1. #1 by cheekos on July 24, 2016 - 1:15 PM

    “Is Donald J. Trump a Racist?” Nicolas Kristof’s linked column in the NY Times, reviews the facts. Over the past four decades, Donald Trump seems to have been associated with racist points of view.

    When considering the fact that he wants to be President of the United States, which would mean having access to the Nuclear Codes, as well as other incidents of shallow reasoning—I believe that this should be cause for concern. Don’t you?

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