Happily, tomorrow will be just another day, and one that I won’t have to endure the Republican National Committee’s Convention.  The list of speakers—political hacks, has-been actors, a racist police chief and, of course, the Trumpie kid of each day—just started to blur.  And through it all, Donald J. Trump seems to have been everywhere.  But, if one considers the haphazard way that the four days seem to have been organized, and the ineffective cover-up of Melania’s “borrowed” speech highlights, I wonder if this is how a Trump Administration would function?

There were constant reminders of the police officers who were killed in Dallas, Texas, and Baton Rouge, Louisiana; however, there was not one mention of the number of black men, and some women, who have been killed at the hands of police officers.  Trump’s entire Agenda, since he announced his candidacy, has been underscored by racism, hatred and violence.  Inciting divisiveness is not a rational solution to racial problems!

Just to point-out some of the mendacity in Trump’s acceptance speech, I would focus on three of the most often-cited points that he asserts were caused by President Barack Obama and Secretary Hillary Clinton.  These are: trade deals were the cause for the decline in manufacturing jobs; the deaths of four Americans at the State Department outpost in Benghazi, Libya; and Obama caused the formation of the Islamic State.

Manufacturing jobs have been on the decline since the 1940s, as America has transformed from a manufacturing to a service economy, and more recently to a digital one.  The several GOP-majority committees to investigate Benghazi, which were established to “destroy” Hillary Clinton’s Presidential aspirations; never found any evidence of a link, behind the deaths to either Obama or Clinton.  And, ISIS is the outgrowth of al-Qaeda of the Arabian Peninsula, which was formed at the end of the Bush Administration.  It had previously been smoldering, for several years in Iraq, and Secretary Donald Rumsfeld’s disbanding of Saddam Hussein’s Iraqi Army just strengthened it further, especially in providing military leadership.

Tomorrow’s newspapers should be a great read.  But, I intend to focus on the Fact Checkers.  The Washington Post had a copy of Trump’s speech—at least on the on-line version—at 6:40 PM today.  So, they are already lighting the proverbial midnight oil, as I write this.


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