“Black Lives Matter” seems to be a movement, which was started by people who feel that they have been left behind.  Left out of enjoying many of the benefits that America has to offer.  Whether that particular phrase is racist or not depends upon how a person, or group of people, cares to perceive it.

On one of last Sunday’s talk shows, former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, an early supporter of Donald Trump for President, called Black Lives Matter a racist term.  Trump recently proclaimed that America is the most racist that it has ever been.  Furthermore, Mr. Trump has expressed sorrow for the deaths of police officers who have been killed recently, in several instances.  He has not once, however, expressed similar sadness for the numerous black lives lost at the hands of police officers, under questionable circumstances.  Might some of those deaths–on both sides– have potentially been connected?

Why emphasize Black Lives?  Surely All Lives Matter!  Many of the descendants of the African slaves, who were brought to our shores beginning in the 1600s, bound in chains, seem to be the forgotten people.  Over the past couple of hundred years, numerous waves of immigrants have arrived here, from various countries.  They faced discrimination at first, segregation, and then they eventually were assimilated into American society.  That same scenario hasn’t played-out for many of the blacks, and some of the Latinos.  They have just not enjoyed that last, necessary step—assimilation.  And that means equal protection under the law!

Many blacks and Latinos have continued to live in a vicious cycle of:  poverty; ghetto life; insufficiently funded schools; poor health care; discrimination in the labor force, etc.  And their children seem to be destined to follow in this same path.  Oftentimes, the younger generation’s only “role models” are parents laboring at minimum wage jobs, local gang members, or the drug dealers and pimps in the ghettos.  So, think of “Black Lives Matter” as just being another way of saying: “We are People Too!”

The Police and People of Dallas, Texas, recently demonstrated how race relations should be carried out, and maintained at their very highest level of true cooperation and understanding.  Several weeks ago, there was a peaceful Black Lives Matter demonstration on the streets of Dallas.  Police Officers, wearing their everyday uniforms—and without riot gear—mingled amicably with the demonstrators.  Unfortunately, one lone shooter, a non-participant with a rifle, shot and killed five white Dallas P. D. Officers.  Those officers’ lives mattered too!

The whole City seemed to feel the grief!  On the day after the officers were killed, there was a public mourning, and a demonstration protesting the massacre.  Marchers seemed to represent all segments of Dallas society, and there was strong representation from the surrounding area.

Immediately, there was a call for support of Blue Lives Matter in many parts of America.  When we focus too much on any one segment of our society, however, aren’t we just putting the others down?  Dallas seems to have taken the high ground on this.

In the end, we should all agree that: “Life Matters!”


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