As I watched the events of the past several weeks on TV,  I was amazed at some of the people walking around, in Downtown Dallas, at a peaceful protest march one day, for “Black Lives Matter!”  And the next, there was a solidarity remembrance, for the five Police Officers who were killed by a shooter (not part off the protest), the day before.  All the while, I saw many men carrying Assault Rifles.

These events were in America, of course, where some people have a love affair with guns, and unfortunately they do not care to recognize other people’s right to safe and happy lives.  Now, I can understand someone who is going “Into Town,” for the evening or the day, taking a mental inventory—wallet, car keys, cell phone, tickets perhaps, condoms for the young men, etc.  But, AR’s or handguns?

Texas is one of our states where “Open Carry” is legal. Gun owners can openly wear their handguns on a holster or sling their rifles over their shoulder. Louisiana, where three police officers were shot and killed today, in Baton Rouge, the Capital, also has legalized open carry. But why?

The Dallas Police had said that they were confused in trying to identify the shooter(s), since so many people in the area were carrying rifles.  One man, who had been stopped by the Police later told a TV reporter that he carried his AR-15 in order “…to exercise my Second Amendment Right.”  So, does that mean that I have to “exercise” my Constitutional Rights of Free Speech, Press, Religion, etc, in order to retain them?

This is the insanity of America. In many towns in the Old West, like the Dodge City, Kansas, that was portrayed in the movie, “Gunfight at the O.K. Coral,” the Marshall or Sheriff would make the gun-totting cowboys check their guns at the Jail, while they were in town.  Isn’t that what makes open carry so ludicrous—maintaining the traditions of the Wild, Wild West, when they never really existed?  There was no open carry then: Marshall Earp (or the like) made sure of that!

NOTE:  Ohio, the site of the Republican National Convention, which starts Monday, in Cleveland, is also an open-carry state.  That right has been temporarily rescinded for the next four days, as required by the U. S. Secret Service, but only inside the Arena and the immediate area surrounding it, which will be cordoned-off for protestors.

Various protest groups, from across the spectrum of Pro and Anti-Trump factions, will be attending—and some will definitely be armed.  White Supremacists and the New Black Panther Party will be just some of the extremists groups in the mix.  Keep in mind that open-carry will continue to be legal in all directions around the Arena.  I’ll be very happy to just watch on TV!


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  1. #1 by Susan Iseman on July 18, 2016 - 10:31 AM

    Wild West, indeed. The thing that puzzles me about the RNC in Cleveland is the “no guns inside the hall.” Trump was endorsed by the NRA. He has voiced his opinion on protecting the 2nd amendment rights numerous times etc etc. So, clearly there’s no “gun control” agenda here. So why no guns inside? Are they afraid? Isn’t that part their platform? Seems like their supporters might want to carry some assault weapons as a show of strength, no? Oh dear, someone might get shot?

    • #2 by cheekos on July 18, 2016 - 12:59 PM

      Ms. Iseman, thanks for visiting my blog, and for commenting.

      Whatever Donald Trump says can surely be taken with the proverbial grain of salt. He has constantly changed positions, when he actually had one, like you or I might change clothes, from one day to the next–or one audience to another. Political platforms are truly nebulous, lasting only until they are written, and then “filed” away. They are meaningless documents. So, why even bother–and fighting over them?

      When it comes down to Security, the RNC, the State of Ohio and the Cleveland P. D. truly have no say in the matter. The Secret Service calls the shots! Personally, I cannot understand why people are milling around the Quicken Loans Arena, with little children in tow. Governor John Kasich, or someone, should rescind the Open Law for as long as the Convention lasts, which surely might need to be extended. Let opponents take it up in Court. Make rescinding it a fait accompli.


  2. #3 by cheekos on July 18, 2016 - 8:56 PM

    OK, the Government of the City of Cleveland, or is it the State of Ohio has, get this, banned: water pistols (squirt guns); bicycle locks and tennis balls; but, it cannot ban hand guns and pistols during the Republican National Convention. Go figure!

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