Donald Trump’s views on many issues are usually difficult to nail down.  And then, tomorrow, he might disagree with what he just said today.  Likewise, his presentation will differ from audience to audience.  Through it all, factual content is usually lacking.  Keep in mind, as well, that as the Chairman and President of Trump Organization, LLC.—a privately owned corporation—Trump has no Board of Directors or Shareholders to answer to!

Pence served six terms in the U. S. Congress, and has been the Governor of Indiana since 2013.  He is best known, actually notorious, for signing Indiana’s controversial Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which was a veiled attempt to enable merchants to withhold products or services, thus legalizing bigotry against the LGBT Community.  His state has suffered a tremendous backlash, causing his popularity to suffer considerably.

Governor Pence was apparently chosen for his government experience, at both the State and Federal levels.  And while Trump’s bona fides as a Conservative are truly lacking, Mike Pence is surely a bonafide Conservative.  The question is: can the two really work together?  Balance in ideology does not necessarily guarantee compatibility!

For instance, President-Elect Barack Obama, a Senator for four years, chose (then) Senator Joe Biden as his Vice Presidential Running Mate.  Among Biden’s credentials, he had served 36 years in the     U. S. Senate.  During his tenure, he was Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and he also Chaired the Senate Foreign Relations Committee (2001-2009) during the post-Cold War Era. Perhaps most importantly, Obama and Biden are quite compatible, both in their views and their personalities.

Does anyone believe that either four or eight years from now, we might be able to say the same about a President Trump and a Vice President Pence?  Trump is shoot-from-the-hip, while Pence is tightly scripted, and hardly ever rankled.  Also, neither of them seems willing to listen to alternate viewpoints, or compromise on the issues.



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