Here we go again!  Early Sunday morning a murderer entered an Orlando nightclub, frequented by the LGBT Community, and killed 49 innocent people, with an assault rifle and a pistol.   Another 53 were wounded and admitted to nearby hospitals, six of which remain in Intensive Care.  The unnamed (my option) lone wolf last claimed allegiance to ISIS, however, he had previously pledged loyalty to other militant Islamic causes.

Our lax gun legislation is the reason for the on-going incidence of mass murders.  Recently, due to the inciteful political environment, Jihadi terrorists have received most of the media attention; however, such murders have also been carried-out by:  racists; bigots; psychopaths; hate groups; drug and crime gangs; and for domestic violence reasons.  But, after Columbine; Virginia State; Aurora; Sandy Hook; San Bernardino, why haven’t stricter gun laws been enacted?

Many in Congress, especially among the Republicans, fight any meaningful gun safety legislation.  In effect, however, they are bidding the will of the National Rifle Association, which is a shill for the Gun and Ammo Industry.  The NRA is one of the most influential contributors to the GOP legislators’ campaign funds.  But, is that worth shirking their Constitution responsibility to protect and carry-out the wishes of their constituents?

Those Congressman who fail to pass suitable gun safety laws, claim that they are protecting Americans’ inherent right to own guns.  That loose interpretation of the Second Amendment; however, might be questioned as to whether the Founding Fathers, who proposed it in 1791, would do so now.  They surely couldn’t have envisioned today’s advanced technology.

At that time, guns were flintlocks, with a time-consuming, muzzle-loading process:  pouring gun powder down the barrel; stuffing wadding down it; and loading one ball (bullet) at a time down the muzzle.  Today, on the other hand, we have: military style assault rifles; powder-included shells; high-capacity ammo magazines and rifling for accurate trajectory.

Most people who buy guns say its for:  hunting; target practice or gun collecting.  None of those reasons, however, seem relevant today—especially with rapid-firing and reloading.  For instance: how many shells should you need to fire into a duck; the same goes for target practice, where most shooters check the accuracy of their shots, and adjust their sights accordingly; and where is the joy in collecting when, in most cases, you can just go to the local big-box or sporting goods store, and take your purchase off the shelf?

The overwhelming proportion of Americans are in favor of suitable gun legislation, to include background checks before purchasing, as well as gun safety and FBI Watch List comparison.  Even most gun owners, and many members of the NRA prefer rational legislation. But, along with the Constitutional right of enthusiasts to own guns; don’t the rest of us, who do not wish to own a gun, also have the unalienable Rights of “…Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness…,” as cited in the Declaration of Independence?

NOTE: If the Second Amendment guarantees the right of law-abiding citizens to own guns, how do we verify that, in fact, someone is law-abiding, if there is not a background verification process?


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