How many times, during the Primaries, did the various GOP candidates refer to “Obama’s Failed Programs”?  And in a few instances, they referred specially to President Obama’s awful economic policies or of “Obamacare” (Affordable Health Care Act) as needing to be replaced?  But, they never seemed to get too specific about their rationale.

Republican politicians seem to operate under the premise that, if they repeat a lie over and over again, pretty soon it is generally accepted as being true.  If they were pinned down to specifics, however, their claims could easily be debunked.  For instance, they have been suggesting that they would balance the Federal Budget; but, when the economy was on life-support, that would have been sheer insanity!  Also, with the GOP in control of both Houses of Congress for several years, why didn’t they even try?

But, what’s actually wrong with Obama’s policies?  He inherited an economy that was on the brink of fiscal implosion back in January of 2009.  The Republicans cited many reasons why the Economic Stimulus, which Obama had requested, was unacceptable.  Although Congress did pass a watered-down version, it did start the Recovery, which continues until today.  Most economists have suggested, however, that had the stimulus been fully funded, the recovery would have been much stronger.

The Affordable Care Act, which Republicans “affectionately” refer to as Obamacare, has provided health care insurance to nearly 20 million uninsured Americans, including the Extended Medicaid Program, which ACA provides for.  Most Republican-controlled statehouses, unfortunately, refused the Extended Medicaid, thus denying their poorest residents the health care that they need.  And, the cost to the states would be quite minimal.  Is that refusal for political reasons perhaps?

And in some cases,  President Obama has been blamed for things that he did not even control.  For instance, during the Primary “Debates,” Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) blamed President Obama for downsizing the Military.   Considering the facts, however, Congress couldn’t pass an Annual Budget in 2013; so, it devised “Sequestration.”, which provided for ten percent across-the-board budget cuts for every department–including Defense.   So, Senator Rubio was a member of the very Congress that voted for Sequestration, and thus necessitated a smaller Military.  So, why blame Obama for what Congress did?

As the “presumptive candidates” for each party, Hillary R. Clinton and Donald J. Trump, have already begun to square-off, Trump claims that Secretary Clinton would just continue President Obama’s failed programs.  But, considering a continuing economic recovery, and with millions of Americans now having affordable health care, President Obama would not be a bad act to follow!


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