No matter the policy—the economy, health care, foreign policy, etc.—there is no rational thought included in Donald Trump/s Positions.  Sure, Donald Trump basks in the glow of being a successful businessman and a TV star; however, that’s all hype!  Even so, what has that got to do with running the largest, and most diverse “Company” on earth?  And even on economic issues, he appears to be lost.  But, let’s look at some of his main positions; but you better look fast—before his views change!

Trump is best known for his “Wall”:  the one intended to keep Mexicans out of our country.  That idea fails to address the 11 million undocumented (mostly) Mexicans who have lived here for generations, and most have jobs and pay taxes.  And by the way, the largest “Illegal” immigrant group, currently entering the U. S, are the Chinese.  They just fly in with Visas, and fail to return home.

With regard to global trade, Donald Trump would slap tariffs on imports from China and Mexico, and perhaps other countries.  That could cause them to reciprocate.  In fact, such Trade Wars were a major cause of The Great Depression, in the 1930s.

Considering Trump’s Health Care position, it’s the biggest boneheaded idea of all, to:  “…repeal Obamacare…No person should be required to buy insurance unless he or she wants to.”  Trump then goes on to suggest privatizing health insurance; which will lead the nation back to our pre-Obamacare situation: millions of uninsured Americans.  Remember: insurance only works when you have it.  It’ll be too late if you wait until you need it.

The current problems with the Veterans Administration have been going on for decades, and the bureaucracy has survived numerous Administrations.  Congressional funding hasn’t kept-up with the greater number of returning veterans, and they are living longer.  Improved health care in war zones, which is generally much closer,  enhances the survival rate.  That means that a larger proportion of the sick and wounded will need to be treated Stateside—and in VA hospitals.

Donald Trump touts the standard Conservative mantra for tax reform.  He suggests cutting taxes for the middle class, but he goes on to generously include the wealthy.  Trump notes that his ideas will be budget-neutral; however, if you cut taxes, the result will either be: an increase in the National Debt or a decrease in social services, or both.

When he advocates for Second Amendment Rights, Trump’s ideas are out of the standard NRA (National Rifle Association) Playbook. He suggests that that right (to own guns) belongs to all law-abiding Americans.  So, how do we insure that they are, in fact, “Law-abiding,” if we do not have background checks? And what about requiring weapons training?  Lastly, don’t the people who chose not to own a gun, also have a fundamental right to “…life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”?

The Democratic Party has been calling for Immigration Reform for years and, when President Obama tired of waiting for Congress, he issued several Executive Orders to, at least, make some progress.  Of course, that resulted in the obstructionist GOP-majority Congress claiming that he was overreaching Executive Authority.  I seriously question whether the GOP wishes to reform Immigration Laws or, perhaps, they wish to maintain the “Illegal Immigrant” bogeyman to prolong the support of their political base.

When you consider how Donald Trump operates, he surely doesn’t appear to have any real policies—just many of the tired old “solutions” that the Republicans have been incubating for years and years.  They’re all there. Reforms of: Immigration,:Trade; Taxes; Health Care; Second Amendment Rights; Taxes; Veterans Administration, Problems etc.  But there isn’t any follow-through.

When considering the vast array of policies that his Administration must deal with, a President needs to have a multitude of well-qualified expert Advisors in the various fields.  To date, Donald Trump, perhaps given his world-class ego, has never mentioned any credible advisors.  Two questions, however, still remain:  would Trump actually listen to someone else’s advice?  And who in their right mind would dare to take-on that task?

To paraphrase the Latin:  Voter Beware!

NOTE: If you wish to review the “TRUMP. Make America Great Again” web site, be my guest. The link is as follows: https://www.donaldjtrump.com.


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