Although one might not realize it, based upon her current pitiful Approval Rating—right down there with Donald J. Trump—Hillary R. Clinton had consistently ranked in the 60%+ range during her terms as Senator and Secretary of State.  Once she resigned that Cabinet post, however, the House Republicans began their campaign to “destroy her”.  They had realized that she might be a formidable opponent in the 2016 Presidential Election.  But, let’s step back, and consider her three perceived major flaws, which are as follows:

1. Hillary Clinton made a dumb mistake when she installed a server, for sending and receiving State Department Email, at her home in New York State.  Furthermore, she didn’t help her case by failing to immediately accept responsibility once it became public, and then she made light of its importance. Perhaps power invokes entitlement; but, she should have coordinated it with the State Department’s IT and Legal Teams.
2. Hillary has been made to appear personally responsible for the deaths of the four Americans, at that remote compound in Benghazi, Libya, on September 11, 2012. (See below.)
3. Presumptive GOP Presidential Nominee Donald J. Trump has continually harassed Mrs. Clinton for her husband’s alleged philandering, as well as several politically biased investigations, back in the 1990s, none of which went anywhere.

The Inspector General for the State Department reported, last week, that Secretary Clinton had violated internal security rules. Although prior Secretaries had used personal Email, on occasion, that was nowhere near the amount which Mrs. Clinton did, as the digital media continues to become more and more common in our daily lives.  The FBI hasn’t completed its investigation yet; however, there have not been any criminal charges brought against her.–At least, not so far!

The Benghazi  outpost was reportedly used mostly by the CIA and, perhaps, the NSA. Ambassador Christopher Stevens, who was visiting from Tripoli, Libya’s capital, was one of the four Americans killed in the attack. When Mrs. Clinton resigned as Secretary, in early January 2013, the Republican Majority in the House created the Select Committee to investigate Benghazi, basically with the intent to “destroy her!”.

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) told Sean Hannity, on FOX ‘News’: Everybody thought Hillary Clinton was unbeatable.” “But we put together a Benghazi Special Committee, a select committee. What are her numbers today? Her numbers are dropping.”  That committee has been actively going after her for over three years now.

In all fairness—which is contrary to normal GOP actions—the Select Committee should have attempted to place the Benghazi attack into some sort of historical perspective.  It was not the first attack on an overseas U. S. Government facility, nor will it be the last.  For instance, consider just Beirut, Lebanon’s Capital, in 1983, during President Ronald Reagan’s first term. A truck, loaded with explosives, killed 243 American servicemen at the Marine barracks.  Also in 1983, 17 Americans were killed, in a total of 63 deaths, when another truck bomb exploded at the American Embassy, also in Beirut. There wasn’t any partisan vitriol spewing forth at that time; because, Congress was more rational then, and it was focused on doing what was right, rather than seeking political advantage.

In a panel discussion last week, at Constitution Hall in Philadelphia, Kenneth Starr, the Special Prosecutor for the “Whitewater” Investigation, seemed to show some remorse for his part in it.  Mr. Starr regretted the “demise of civility”, and the populist motivation in dredging-up alleged misconduct and sexual allegations (Travel-Gate, Vince Foster’s apparent suicide, Bill’s Alleged affairs, and the Monica Lewinsky escapade), which hadn’t gone anywhere, twenty years ago.  In fact, Ken Starr noted that he regrets having disgraced a good man, and he seemed to have almost resolved, if not exonerated, President Clinton.

If it is any consolation to Bill and Hillary Clinton, President Clinton’s Approval Rating dipped briefly during the Impeachment Trial, and skyrocketed afterward. In fact, Gallup rated it at 66%, in January of 2001, just a week before he left office.

So, perhaps America forgave Bill Clinton.


  1. #1 by cheekos on June 30, 2016 - 1:04 PM

    By now, you might have learned that the House Oversight Committee had released its (hopefully) last report on the terrorist attack at the remote Benghazi State Department outpost, in Libya, which was used mostly by the CIA and, I assume, the NSA. Four Americans were killed; however, it is important to note that in attacks on many overseas facilities over the years, there has been violence from time-to-time, and there will be again.

    House Majority Leader, Kevin Mc Carthy (R-CA) even admitted, when this, supposedly eighth and final committee was formed, that it’s primary purpose was to “Destroy” Hillary Clinton’s run for the Presidency. I can only wonder how many dollars, and man-hours were wasted on this two-year long witch hunt, the eighth of too many House Committee Investigations, which had intended to place guilt on President Barack Obama and Secretary Clinton.

    The final report revealed no new details, totally absolved President Obama, reporting his quick action, and that of his close National Security Advisors. It also found that their was red tape delays within various government agencies–State, Defense and the CIA. In essence, the GOP turned this process into a political nightmare, which blew-up in its own face.

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