Donald Trump has run for President before, and it has always seemed to be just on a lark—in order to:  sell more of his ghost-written books; improve the ratings for his TV surreality show; or raise the value of his “Brand”—putting his name on anything and everything.  This time, however, he has outlasted all of the other 18 original Republican candidates and, until the National Convention in July, he is considered the “Presumptive” GOP Presidential Nominee.

Candidate Trump is still not trusted by many members of the GOP Establishment, others admit they will support, but not endorse him, and then there are also those who believe that he will be an embarrassment to the Party–and will hurt other Republicans running for various federal, state, and local offices.

Mr. Trump has not been a Republican for most of his public life.  Also, he is not considered Conservative enough by some, which is the direction the GOP has been moving in for the past 35 years.  His obnoxious demeanor—insulting Mexicans, Women, all Minorities, the Disabled and even war-hero Senator John McCain (R-AZ)—merely raises the level of mistrust that many have for him—across the political spectrum.

Considering his lack of knowledge or even curiosity regarding either Domestic or Foreign Policy, and his narcissistic behavior, here is just a sampling of some of the dumb ideas—comments and tweets—that he has suggested:

1. Replace Obamacare with a “better plan” for health care (details unknown), and without a Universal Mandate that requires everyone to sign-up. Health insurance cannot possibly work without the mandate. That let’s younger, healthier Americans to opt-out, and then sign-up when they are sick.  This would cause insurance premiums to skyrocket, and companies would stop offering health insurance under the program.

2. Suggested that he would arm Japan, South Korea and Saudi Arabia, with nuclear weapons, so they can defend themselves.  There are so many considerations that are lacking from this idea; but, all I can say is: So much for Nuclear Proliferation!

3. In fighting ISIS, Trump says that taking-out their families would be fair game.  Killing women and children would surely energize all of the Jihadist recruitment efforts, and probably encourage some to accelerate any plans to attack in the U. S.

4. Denounced President Obama for negotiating with Iran; however, he has no problem in actually meeting personally with North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un, who he characterizes as “insane”.

5. Imposing substantial tariffs on Imports from Mexico and China, which would probably result in their slapping counter-tariffs on our exports to them, thus starting a Global Trade War.  Such tariffs were a major cause behind The Great Depression of the 1930s.

6. He vows that, as President, he would appoint Supreme Court Justices who would overturn Roe v. Wade, which legalized Abortion.  Of course, there was no mention of judicial track records, keen intellects, compassionate natures, or whether the Senate might actually confirm any of the Nominees.  Just kissing up to the Party Establishment, I assume!

7. Will re-build the U. S. Military into the strongest force that: “…you have ever seen” , and also pay-off the entire National Debt ($19, or is it $20 Trillion?) within eight years.

8. Recent updates to his rants have declared that he is only considering a “Virtual Wall”  between the U. S. and Mexico, and that the mass deportation of 11 million undocumented immigrants was merely “rhetorical”.  Now, what does virtual and rhetorical mean in that context?

9. Trump announced that he was considering leaving NATO, since it is “obsolete” and the other nations do not pay their fair share.  The U. S. pays 22% of the Total Budget.

10. And lastly, readers might recall that the British Parliament debated, some months back, about barring Donald Trump from setting foot in the U. K.  And just this week, he instigated an argument with British Prime Minister David Cameron when he announced that, in some parts of London, the police feared for their lives.  What was Donald Trump ever thinking?  And why would he comment on our closest ally’s domestic affairs?  (Remember, Donald, a similar ignorant comment, during the 2008 London Olympics, blew-up in “Mitt” Romney’s face!)

Donald Trump’s voluminous comments and tweets often lack forethought, comprehensive considerations, political and diplomatic reality, and any semblance of common sense.  He also fails to realize that there is no place, either in national politics or foreign diplomacy, for his on-going display of temperament and ever-shifting positions.

I strongly believe that if Donald J. Trump were President, the nation would quickly be emersed in a global trade war, and that the U. S. economy would contract to a size even smaller than during worst of The Great Recession of 4Q07 to 1Q09.  Also, on the World Stage, a President Trump would be ostracized, and the nation would sink into Isolation.

NOTE:  This blog post is modeled after a popular part of David Letterman’s late night talk show: “Ten Stupid Pet Tricks”.  This post, however, has been modified for Mr. Trump.


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  1. #1 by cheekos on June 29, 2016 - 1:20 PM

    No folks, Donald J. Trump is still in the running for “Ignoramus of the Year”. Last Friday, when UK was devastated by the collapse of its Financial Markets, he helicoptered onto his TrumpCourse in Scotland. And the Trumpster jubilantly complimented the people for “taking back their country”. A local woman had to Tweet “the Orange-Haired One”: : “You moron, we voted (2-to-1) to Remain”.

    Well, yesterday he gave his “Trade Address”…get this, in front of bales and bales of bundled trash. So much for a subliminal message as to the factual content of his “Presidential” ideas.

    But, I surely didn’t know that George Washington vowed, during his Inaugural Address, to keep our manufacturing jobs in America. Now, that’s a good trick when you figure that President Washington died in 1799, and the Industrial Revolution only started in the Colonies in 1820.

    Isn’t is amazing how much Trumpet is going to do to “Make America (something or other) Agin!”

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