Aside from his boisterous, racist, misogynistic and arrogant demeanor, our overseas allies are most concerned with Trump’s insane lack of understanding for Foreign Policy.  Trade wars, such as with Mexico and China, could lead to global economic stagnation, which was a major cause of The Great Depression, during the 1930s.  Europe feels that such talk about “America First!” is reminiscent of the “Austria First!” slogan used by the far-right (perhaps neo-Nazi) group in Austria, and similar movements elsewhere on the Continent.  And the Japanese are petrified over his call to provide nuclear weapons to Japan, South Korea and Saudi Arabia.  Doesn’t he understand what Non-Proliferation means?

Following World War II, a New World Order was established, by most nations and, so far, there has not been any major battlefield conflicts by the major powers.  The United Nations was established to provide a forum for nations to negotiate their differences.  NATO was formed to check Russia and its Soviet satellites; however, the USSR broke-up after the Berlin Wall cracked in 1989.  Since W. W. II, the only major confrontation was the so-called Missiles of October in 1962, when Moscow tried to move ICBMs into Cuba, just 90 miles from Miami, Florida.  Russia ended-up taking the missiles back home.

The U. S. has become the main focus for the developed nations (The West), with Germany and Japan having joined in the Middle of the 20th Century.  The global economy entered the new order as the Bretton Woods Agreement devised a system of currency exchange, and the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank were formed to provide economic leadership, and financial support for many nations.

Next came the ongoing advances in science and technology, which enabled the West to update its weaponry in order to further check bellicose advances against it.  To gain a proper appreciation of how this all fits together, consider the following.  International Alliances need weapons and technological advances  to maintain their superiority.  Superior strength breeds peace.   This is the old Guns or Butter idea.  Lastly, strong economies are also necessary to fund the on-going military effort in order to maintain that peace.

Sure, conventional warfare has been, more or less, replaced by unconventional methods, such as guerrilla, insurgency and Jihad (and the like) warfare.  Plus, if the unconventional warriors are from the Region in conflict, they can blend-in—or “swim with the fishes”, as Chairman Mao once wrote.  But since Vietnam, it has become apparent that superior manpower and weaponry cannot overcome local forces, even with primitive weapons.  The sad part is that, in most cases, the Powers brought these conflicts upon themselves, by meddling in other nations’ affairs or coveting their resources.

A President Donald J. Trump doesn’t understand any of this and, frankly, he doesn’t even seem to care! At the various debates and in his “Major Foreign Policy Address”, he basically suggested ripping the whole thing apart.  He wants to reduce our involvement in the U. N. and NATO, and bring our troops home from Germany, Japan and South Korea.  He also wants to make the U. S. stronger than it has ever been; however, how can you accomplish that by keeping them on bases that are located, at home, thousands of miles away from any potential conflicts?  In order to truly counter China or Russia, we need to do so by sticking our troops, and those of our Allies, in their faces?

Now that Trump has finally been named GOP Nominee for President, perhaps this is why our Allies fear him even more!


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  1. #1 by cheekos on November 12, 2016 - 2:13 AM

    I have linked an article, from popular German periodical Spiegel International, which describes Germany’s and, perhaps, Europe’s, horror at the thought of dealing with Donald Trump who, as we know, doesn’t follow normal international protocols–or anything normal.


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