The equality of rights for Americans, regardless of age, sex, race, religion, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, etc, are guaranteed for all Americans under our Constitution.   As some Republican-led states have tried, in various and devious ways, to circumvent these rights, the U. S. Supreme Court has reaffirmed them over and over again.   But these attempts, costly to the taxpayers, continue on.

Usually such legislation is initiated, by the states, and billed with seemingly benign title; however, they are merely dog whistles to excite the political base; because, the true intent is quite different than advertised. Titles such as “Pastor Protection”, or to protect small businesses, “Women’s Protection” are really smoke screens, intended to deny specific constitutional rights of others.  Who’s going to sue a clergymen whose religion does not condone same-sex marriage for not performing a ceremony, suing a caterer or pastry shop for refusing to cater or bake a cake for an LGBT event, or get an abortion without having thought the various pros and cons through?

This month, North Carolina and Mississippi passed laws that require transgender persons to use rest rooms, in schools and public buildings, that confirm with the sex noted on their birth certificates.  Now, consider how asinine this is. Would a woman who was born a man look for a urinal in the Ladies Room? Likewise, would a man who was born a woman really try to use a urinal in the Mens Room?  In each case, they would go into a stall to…(well) GO.

These states have already seen major companies decide to cancel expanding facilities in those states. Similarly, what is commonly referred to as the “Potty Bill” has resulted in major sports leagues and national conventions shifting major events to other states.  And as expected, individual tourism is seeing a fall-off, as well.

Such legislation truly serves no purpose.  As noted, there is nothing to see here!  The LGTB Community is not a haven for sexual perverts, no more than the general population.  And unfortunately, the larger cities, which tend to be more open-minded, is generally where the corporate expansion, sporting events, conventions are.   They’re the real losers.  So, the areas that are trying to do the right thing are the ones that pay the price—for BIGOTRY.


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  1. #1 by cheekos on May 2, 2016 - 4:53 AM

    The attached link, from the Miami Herald, is by Carl Hiaasen, about the new Gender Monitors, which North Carolina and Mississippi will now need to hire.

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