Whatever its course of action, the GOP is truly destined to failure.  And the irony of it is that it brought this all upon itself, as it has moved farther and farther to the extreme “Right”, starting 35 years ago.  Basically, its current problem is of its own creation!

Recently, the Party Establishment has begun endorsing Senator Ted Cruz in an effort to keep Donald Trump from coming to the July Convention with the necessary delegates to be nominated.  Many of them, however, while endorsing Cruz, are admitting that they are really working more toward blocking Trump.  In fact, many regard Cruz as hardly the lesser of two evils.

If Trump does have the pre-requisite 1,237 delegates, or is quite near that total, might the Party introduce a so-called “dark horse”–a candidate who wasn’t even one of the original candidates–or perhaps just bring one of the original candidates back?  If they attempt to block his nomination, Trump predicted—he says, “Not advocated”-—violence.   So, would another candidate even wish to contend what could appear to be a horrendous candidacy–and perhaps destined to failure anyway?

Currently, when one considers just several serious problems that President Barack Obama is dealing with—Russia’s continued interference in Syria and Ukraine, ISIS’ expanding its barbarism from the Middle East into the Heart of Europe, and China building islands in the midst of strategic passages in the Pacific Ocean—Cruz and Trump are harassing each other’s wives.

The popularity, or lack thereof, of a Presidential Nominee “at the top of the Ticket”, often helps or hinders candidates all the way down the line.  Between the Republican Party’s apparent dysfunction, and their two major candidates not focusing on the Nation’s Priorities, the November Election may very well set the Party back for decades to come.  And, a sophomoric dust-up over wives will hardly appeal to the 52% demographic of female voters, which the GOP has claimed to covet.

Ever since President Obama took Office, in January of 2009, the GOP has been attacking many domestic issues—abortion and contraception, LGBT issues, Immigration Reform, etc—through a majority of the statehouses, where they currently have more power than in Washington.  But, whether the Party does or doesn’t nominate someone for President, they will probably lose power—all the way down the Ticket, to the lowest office.  And, the Presidential Election is what draws out both the Party Loyalists, as well as other voters.

Lastly, it is anticipated the next President will have several Supreme Court Nominations to make, in her or his first term in office.  The Republicans could also lose out on that vitally important goal, as well.



  1. #1 by cheekos on March 27, 2016 - 9:54 PM

    An interesting article from the Miami Herald, which provides some historical perspective on past American political conventions, is linked as follows: http://www.miamiherald.com/news/politics-government/election/article68111532.html

  2. #2 by bobg on March 28, 2016 - 5:28 PM

    There seems to be quite a bit of gleeful dancing on the grave of the GOP going on these days. I suggest stepping back for a moment and considering:

    They control the Senate and the House.
    They control the Supreme Court.
    They control state governments by a significant majority, which has enabled them to enact their smart-ALEC legislation in many states. Legislation such as:

    Defunding Planned Parenthood
    “Voter fraud” laws–rendering voting even more difficult–particularly for those unlikely to vote GOP
    “Right to work” legislation
    Laws enabling factory farm cruelty/big Agra profit, but punishing whistle-blowers
    Defunding education and transforming higher learning/critical thinking into job preparation

    Short of a “revolution”, as envisioned by Sanders and his supporters–a highly unlikely outcome–the so-called implosion of the GOP will probably not happen any time in the near future.

    • #3 by cheekos on March 28, 2016 - 10:05 PM

      Sure, they control quite a lot currently. That is, right up until the part where the GOP crashes and burns! Perhaps that’ll be coming sometime this fall.

      By showing the country what it touts as its best option in defeating the Trumpenstein Monster, which it created, is Ted Cruz, is sorely pitiful. Cruz has been referred to, by some Party Stalwarts, as a “whacko bird” (Sen. John McCain) and a “jackass” (Sen. Lindsay Graham), and surely doesn’t say much for its future. In fact, Cruz has been cited, by the very people who have recently endorsed him, such as Romney and Graham, as just being a temporary fill-in.

      And, John Kasich, that seemingly rational governor, is wearing sheep’s clothing, at this time. Former colleagues, both in Washington and Columbus, say that this iteration of Kasich is certainly not the pushy, uncooperative person that they have known over the years.

      So, book your reservations for the Cleveland Convention, July 18 to 21 (or perhaps much longer) today! Oh, and be sure to pack your sidearm. Some supporters are trying to get the Convention declared: “Open Carry”!

  3. #4 by Joe on May 2, 2016 - 7:15 PM

    Once HRC becomes Madam President who will become the leader of the republican party!?

    • #5 by cheekos on May 2, 2016 - 9:38 PM

      Joe, the GOP hasn’t had a real leader for approximately 20 years–since Newt Gingrich blew it up.

      So, why change now, huh?

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